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About us

Al Zubair group has been formed with the intention to become a leading ICT company in Middle East. The people behind al Zubair group have more than 15 years of Middle East experience in the field of ICT. Al Zubair Group understands that the diversified culture of Middle East is key factor to integrate any technology. So we integrate the culture, people and technology with very much care. This is the success of Al Zubair Group in Middle East. We are consistently looking to improve our offering to our customers by finding the best mix of products in Middle East. Al Zubair group is a company with experience, focus on quality, integrity and long term relationships. A customer to us is not mere a customer but a promoter and a well wisher. We believe that each interaction with a customer or partner is time to learn. We improve every day with all our customer relationships. Al Zubair group is committed to help its customers to experience the technology to enhance the productivity and improve life style.

The Group’s main objectives are

* Enhance the sales channels with innovative products.

* Focus on the value that we offer to our consumers

* Increase operational excellence

The strategy for the years up to 2012 underlines the continued importance of focusing on building a profitable and sustainable business platform for the Group’s future development. Today Al Zubair group entertain 7 country distributors and more than 400 dealers across the region.