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Clarity® a division of Plantronics, Inc. is the leading supplier of amplified telephones, notification systems, assistive listening devices and other communications devices for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf communities. Clarity® Power™ patented technology truly and positively impacts people's lives with every product created. Clarity produces four distinct lines of products and services: Clarity, Clarity Professional®, ClarityLife® and Walker® handset / test sets. In November of 2005, Clarity unveiled a truly revolutionary technological development for the amplified telephone industry. Digital Clarity Power™, a patented technology only available from Clarity, provides users with advanced digital signal processing to achieve unmatched results in sound performance and user comfort. The release of Digital Clarity Power assured Clarity's place as a true vanguard organization in the Hard of Hearing community. Available at RadioShack, Meijer and other national retail outlets, and specialty distributors, the Clarity line of amplified telephones and personal accessories provides an easily accessible, reliable and affordable solution for those who experience mild to moderate to severe hearing loss. Clarity Power products enable users to tailor the level of amplification and sound characteristics in their phone for clear and enjoyable conversations. Clarity touches lives from California to Florida and all points in between with its Clarity Professional (formerly branded 'Ameriphone') line of products. The Clarity Professional brand of products may be purchased through some of the nation's largest state-run telecommunications access programs. These technologically advanced telephones, notification systems, and TTYs have provided solutions to customers who otherwise may not have a way to communicate easily and effectively with the outside world. The ClarityLife brand, introduced in 2008, is Clarity's new line of service-enabled products. Starting with the C900, Clarity's first amplified mobile phone, ClarityLife aims to provide independence for seniors and a helping hand to their caregivers. As ClarityLife grows, it will provide new ways to use technology to help our parents age in place and live longer. From stock trading floors across the globe to corner payphones and airplanes crisscrossing the sky, the Walker line of handsets continues to set the standard in noise-cancellation and sound amplification. Walker leads the industry in providing light-weight test sets. And while Clarity products may come in myriad shapes, sizes and features, there's one unifying feature common to all of Clarity's products: the ability to provide a reliable, effective and innovative means of communicating.

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