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Power System Analysis Software & Solutions

Enhance Your Electrical Network Design with IPSA

Affordable, Comprehensive, and Innovative

Experience IPSA Firsthand

We invite you to book a demo or meeting to see how IPSA can transform your electrical network design process. Our experts will walk you through the software’s capabilities and show you how it can meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Modules:

  • Load Flow

  • Fault Level

  • Protection Grading

  • Harmonic Analysis

  • Transient Stability

  • User Defined Models

  • Unbalanced Load Flow

  • Contingency Analysis

  • DC Networks

  • Data Conversion Tools

  • Plugin Models

  • PyIPSA

  • Reliability


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A modern and comprehensive power system analysis software package for the design, planning and analysis of electrical networks.


  • Comprehensive Modules: Load Flow, Fault Level, Protection Grading, Harmonic Analysis, Transient Stability, and more.

  • Customer-Centric Development: Driven by user feedback and industry requirements, focused on achieving net-zero ambitions.

  • Expert Support: Ongoing support, training, and management from our team of experts.

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