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A beautiful way to meet in your Home, Office, Wherever that is.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Neat Frame is a first of its kind portrait-oriented all-in-one video device for Zoom and Microsoft Teams that fits anywhere. This is purposefully designed to cater for the multiple new workstyles and spaces companies and employees are now adopting. It's a super convenient touch screen device not only attractive for working from home or any office, but also hot desking, jump rooms, retail environments or as a virtual receptionist and all manner of other new and exciting applications.

It's a super convenient touch screen device not only attractive for working from home or any office, but also hot desking, jump rooms, retail environments or as a virtual receptionist and all manner of other new and exciting applications

Neat Frame

Every subtle gesture.

The 15.6-inch portrait screen provides an optimal layout balance, enabling more direct conversation in larger meetings, picking up every facial expression or gesture with a brilliant 450 nits of brightness.

Space-saving device

Neat Frame's incredibly simple to set up and use, offers superior audio-visual quality and frees up your laptop or desktop computer for work, making meetings feel like less of a juggle between talking, listening and shuffling windows of various content. In other words, it declutters your PC layout, as well as your desk or similar work surfaces.

Better still, Neat Frame has all the functionality of large-scale corporate solutions, yet its relatively small footprint takes up little space. In addition, a subtly integrated handle at the back enables you to easily move Neat Frame from room to room, depending on your individual needs or preferences.

Look, feel and be at your best.

With its perfectly placed high-resolution wide-angle camera, Neat Frame allows for direct eye-level communication for more natural and immersive interaction. Besides that, its bright digital display provides crystal clear imagery in a wide variety of settings, so you can rest assured the device will always present you and others in beautiful and elaborate detail. As a result, Neat Frame offers you the opportunity to always look, feel and be at your best, however or wherever you choose to meet or interact. At the same time, it gives you an optimized layout of people and content with touch control, bringing both to the forefront by filling more of the screen and reducing any wasted black areas.

More audio, less distractions.

Neat Frame incorporates advanced audio processing that enhances human vocal pickup and removes distracting noises. These include static noises like a fan or vacuum, or other dynamic sounds like keyboard typing or a crinkling bag of chips. It also eliminates any garbled 'double-talk' issues where two people talk at once, so your conversations can flow more naturally.

Healthier, happier, securer meetings.

Health and happiness-wise, Neat Frame instinctively frames and follows your movements, meaning you can stand up to stretch your legs or freely move around for better wellbeing while entirely absorbed in your meeting. Subsequently, you stay more energized, focused and productive for longer, boosting company ability and turnover. Finally, Neat removes complexities and threats thanks to our secure, single-purpose hardware devices. Hence, no stressing about passwords and patches. Plus, you can install all the latest upgrades with just one click.

Safer meeting rooms.

Thanks to Neat Sense*, Neat devices enable companies to offer significant health benefits to their employees, which in today’s new normal of having to take ever-increasing protective measures against COVID-19 can be a huge relief. Neat Sense helps you control and monitor air quality, humidity (healthy indoor humidity levels are between 30-50%. Flu viruses can spread quickly due to poor indoor humidity), CO2 and organic chemical levels in the room – scents, odors, etc. Also, whether or not there are people in a room and if so, how many. That way, you can be sure of maintaining safe social distancing at all times.


  • Slim 15.6" portrait touch display

  • Dedicated personal device or virtual kiosk*

  • Deep noise suppression

  • Neat Experiences feat Symmetry and more


1. Home

Most people's homes aren't designed for work, with few having multiple outlets for cabled internet. Your home office might be your bedroom, kitchen or living room. So, fewer cables and economical use of space is paramount. In addition, the environment might be noisy, the background messy, and the lighting conditions poor. Ideally, you'll want to have home meetings on a device that provides crystal clear audio and video and has a range of other cutting-edge capabilities that allow for maximum efficiency, privacy and seamless compatibility with your laptop.

Here’s what’s neat

Neat Frame
  • Neat Framing, enabling you to stand or move around for better wellbeing

  • Neat Bubble, so you don't have to worry about noise outside of the camera view (your kids causing a stir, dog barking, etc.)

  • One power cable and WiFi

  • Eye-level camera for more natural engagement

  • A device that's compact and portable to fit anywhere

  • Integrated speakers optimized for speech

  • Headphone support

2. Focus

Small rooms that offer a private and secluded space for focused in-person and remote teamwork are great for ad hoc use. But limited desk space requires an equally small footprint device. What you need in a focus room is sharp audio and video, maximum efficiency and a seamless wireless companion for your laptop.

Here’s what’s neat

Neat Frame
  • Neat Framing to automatically keep you in focus

  • Suppression of non-stationary noises, e.g., typing on your keyboard

  • All-in-one device requiring just power and WiFi

  • Eye-level camera for more natural engagement

  • Integrated speakers optimized for speech

  • Neat Sense for monitoring air quality

  • Room status and booking on Neat Pad

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