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Boost Productivity and Wellness with Poly Lens App

Welcome to the future of productivity and personalization! In today's fast-paced world, staying on top of things and optimizing your work environment has never been more important. Introducing Poly Lens Desktop, a revolutionary app that empowers you to customize your personal devices and work environment to match your unique style and needs, whether you're working from the comfort of your home or the bustling office.

Poly Lens App

Poly Lens Desktop is a one-stop solution for all your personalization needs. Here's how it can transform your workday and enhance your productivity:

We specialize in renowned brands such as Poly, Microsoft, and Roomz, which allows us to provide distinctive solutions to over 3500 clients and partners spanning across the Middle East, Levant, and APAC regions. You can find our Pakistan branch situated at Office 75, M2 Floor, Eden Tower Main Boulevard, Block E 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan.

Poly Lens App

1. In-App Customization for Personal Device Settings

Take control of your voice, video, and headset devices with a simple, user-friendly interface. Customizing each device to align with your preferences is now just a few clicks away. Whether you want to fine-tune audio settings or set specific video preferences, Poly Lens Desktop lets you do it all, effortlessly.

1. In-App Customization for Personal Device Settings

2. Stay Up to Date with Built-In Software Notices

Never miss an important update again! With Poly Lens Desktop, you receive timely notifications when new software updates are available. Keep your devices and software current by accepting these notices and installing updates that suit your schedule.

 Stay Up to Date with Built-In Software Notices

3. Health and Wellness Reminders

We care about your well-being. Poly Lens Desktop includes customizable health and wellness reminders to keep you feeling your best throughout the workday. Stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and maintain mental sharpness with gentle, built-in reminders that support your overall well-being.

3. Health and Wellness Reminders

4. Focus Audio for Minimizing Distractions

In today's dynamic work environments, distractions can be a productivity killer. But fear not! Poly Lens Desktop comes with an in-app soundscape audio feature designed to help you stay focused and minimize common distractions found in both home and office settings. Tune into the audio that boosts your productivity and keeps you on track.

3. Health and Wellness Reminders

5. Self-Help and Support Information

We understand that technical hiccups can disrupt your workflow. With Poly Lens Desktop, you have easy access to built-in self-help guides, support information, and troubleshooting tools. So, if you ever encounter an issue, rest assured that help is just a click away.

Self-Help and Support Information

Download Poly Lens Desktop today and elevate your work experience to new heights!

Download Poly Lens Desktop

Poly Lens has introduced two additional Lens settings: Bulk Onboarding and Tenant GUID. This updates the device provisioning information to Teams SIP Gateway service which can be applied to any of the following Policies - Device/Device Model/Device Group/Site. We continue to include support for compatible devices with Teams SIP Gateway such as VVX, Trio, CCX series, and Edge E series just certified by Microsoft for compatibility. For more information, please see Microsoft - Plan for SIP Gateway.

Poly Lens App

With this enhancement and SIP Gateway compatible Poly devices, organizations can save valuable time and resources while delivering a better experience for the end user. This feature is currently released with a Preview tag as we coordinate with Microsoft to promote to Generally Available. You are welcome to provide your Feedback from Poly Lens using the Feedback tool in the bottom right corner of the Poly Lens portal. Be sure to select Preview as we track this release.

To get started, go to Manage > Policies > Individual Device/Device Model/Device Group/Site.

Select Integrations > Microsoft Teams.

Then Enable Lens Assisted Provisioning Feature and set your SIP Gateway Region and Device Language.

Lastly, enable Bulk Onboarding and enter your Tenant GUID (Office 365 Tenant ID) from Microsoft to enable PowerShell commands to remotely deploy to Common Area Phones. Note: For detailed information see Microsoft Teams - Bulk Sign-In on Adding Public IP Range(s) as Trusted IPs at Teams Admin Center.

Bulk Onboarding and Tenant GUID

Experience the Power of Poly Lens App

In conclusion, Poly Lens Desktop is the ultimate solution for personalization, productivity, and well-being. Customizing your workspace has never been easier, and staying productive is now a breeze with in-app updates and focus audio. Take charge of your workday and optimize your performance with Poly Lens Desktop.


For more information:

Call/ WhatsApp : +971 52 417 7286

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