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Build Pro-Grade Team Meetings with the Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Microsoft Teams Rooms System for Extra-Large Room

Yealink MVC960 is specially designed for extra-large meeting rooms and training rooms. In addition to the unique high-performance Mini-PC of the Yealink meeting room system and the native Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface that is easy to be operated, the MVC system with AVHub supports up to 9 cameras to cover a variety of extra-large meeting rooms. The MVC960 includes two UVC86 USB PTZ cameras with 12x optical zoom and it can be independently configured with tracking mode. Moreover, The MVC960 provides you with a multi-camera solution that supports camera layout adjustment to meet the requirements of extra-large meeting rooms. You can use the MVC960 with MVC-BYOD-Extender to transform the Microsoft Teams room into a multi-purpose room. You just only need to plug in a USB cable to your PC to use multi-platform meeting software.

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Dual 4K Camera Tracks Every Movement

The Yealink UVC86 is a built-in dual-eye 4K conference room camera with a panoramic camera to detect participants in real-time and a PTZ camera that follows you to capture the best picture of everyone in the room. Enjoy an accurate and smooth tracking experience whenever meeting participants are present. Empowered with a range of AI-driven features, including Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking and Presenter Tracking, the UVC86 delivers a smart and effective meeting.

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Multi-Camera Solution, Customized Layout in Any Meeting

With the AVHub in the bundle, the MVC960 system allows users to enable multiple cameras simultaneously from a single room, better capturing participants and providing different views of the rooms. Moreover, the admin can choose different tracking modes for each camera. In the meantime, remote attendees can view the video feeds of all enabled room cameras in a customized layout, contributing to more industrial scenario applications. Paired with Yealink BYOD Extender, the MVC960 enables multi-camera control even in third-party meetings. All these make Yealink MVC960 a video conferencing equipment for large rooms.

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Flexible Audio Solution Fits Particular Needs

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Yealink MVC960 system brings more flexibility to the audio solutions. Users can choose any Yealink voice devices for Microsoft Teams including Yealink VCM34 microphone, VCM38 ceiling microphone, and the MSpeaker II or audio solution from the mainstream third-party providers including Shure, Biamp, etc. for particular needs.

AI-Enabled Chipset, Infinite Possibilities for Future Applications

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Yealink AVHub can be used with multiple UVC86s to provide a multi-camera solution with the feature of the camera, camera that follows you help audience engaging more during the conference. Equipped with a powerful AI-enabled chipset, AVHub empowers the new MVC960 bundle great scalability in future applications including together mode in Microsoft Teams. The AVHub enables direct audio and video processing, reducing the operational burden of Mcore.

Multi-mounting Options Simplified Connections

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

The MCore mini-PC can be set up according to a particular room layout. Mounting on the wall, sticking to the table can be realized. Also, in all Yealink MVC room systems, the MCore cable management solution integrates data and power supply into one CAT5e cable. Moreover, only one USB cable is needed connecting Mcore and all audio and video devices with AVHub, greatly saving deployment effort and time.

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

One-Click to Share

Users can enjoy easy content sharing by plugging in the Yealink WPP20 with one click to share the screen wirelessly or connecting the laptop to the meeting through the USB-C or HDMI port. In the Yealink MVC Microsoft Teams Room systems, all participants have the flexibility of choosing either wireless or wired ways of content sharing.

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Remote Management

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

Yealink MVC series video solution supports the Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service. You can manage, monitor, configure, update and diagnose all Yealink audio and video devices and peripherals on this platform remotely.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Native Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface, smooth conference experience

Native Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface offers a one-touch meeting join. Designed with the idea of multi-function all-in-one, the MTouch II touch panel allows you easily perform call control, camera control, content sharing and other functions. At the same time, MTouch II has a built-in Human Motion Sensor that the conference system can be automatically waken up and you can immediately start the conference.

  • Multi-camera solution, support camera layout

Yealink AVHub can be used with multiple UVC86 to provide a multi-camera solution, and users can flexibly switch the camera layouts as needed. The UVC86 camera supports 4K UHD video resolution and is equipped with 12x optical zoom to provide clear and lossless video images.

  • Simple to deploy, easy to use

With the VCH port, MCore is specially designed for the video meeting rooms that the deployment can be easily extended. At the same time, its all-in-one design with the feature of cable management ensure the stability of the wire connection, and the most appropriate deployment can be achieved according to the layout of the meeting room. One CAT5e is totally enough to connect the TV area and the conference table area and to complete the data transmission and power supply, no additional power supply or extension cable is needed, which not only simplifying the deployment but also effectively reducing deployment costs.

  • Widely compatible with third-party DSP

The Yealink MVC960 is widely compatible with third-party DSP devices, such as Biamp, Share, etc. Without replacing the original audio device, you can experience a more comprehensive intelligent conference room through the third-party DSP devices.

  • Manage your devices remotely

This solution supports Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, you can flawlessly manage, monitor, configure, update and diagnose all Yealink audio and video devices peripherals on this platform remotely

Yealink MVC960 Bundle

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