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Elevate Your Meetings with Neat Bar Pro: A Technological Marvel for Large Spaces

In the fast-paced world of business, effective communication and collaboration are paramount. Enter Neat Bar Pro, a revolutionary device designed to take your meeting spaces to new heights. This sleek and sophisticated piece of technology seamlessly blends simplicity with advanced features, providing an unparalleled experience for both hosts and participants.

Neat Bar Pro: A Technological Marvel for Large Spaces

Immersive Visual Experience

Neat Bar Pro boasts a remarkable ability to drive three large screens, transforming any meeting space into a hub of connectivity. Whether you're in a boardroom or a conference hall, this device ensures an immersive, higher-quality encounter with people and content. Equipped with two extreme resolution cameras and an advanced image depth sensor, the Neat Bar Pro offers an incredible 16x zoom. No matter where individuals are situated in the room, you can enjoy a full close-up view, enhancing the visual engagement in every meeting.

Crystal Clear Audio Power

Hear and be heard like never before with Neat Bar Pro's audio capabilities. A woofer with opposing drivers for vibration cancellation and three full-range speakers deliver direct stereo sound throughout any room. The advanced 16x microphone array in a pyramid shape guarantees clear vocal pick-up, eliminating the dreaded 'double talk' and background noise issues. Neat Audio Processing ensures a seamless audio experience, making sure that every word is heard loud and clear.

Camera Configuration for Larger Spaces

Ideal for bigger meeting spaces, Neat Bar Pro's camera configuration includes a telephoto and wide-angle lens, along with an image depth sensor. This combination provides a 16x zoom capability, enabling lightning-fast image processing to detect, enlarge, and follow all participants in the room. The result is a more lifelike and engaging meeting experience.

Effortless Setup and Connectivity

Neat Bar Pro makes installation a breeze with everything you need in the box, including a screen mount. Just plug in the two cables, and the device automatically pairs with Neat Pad, a dynamic controller and scheduler. Both Neat Bar Pro and Neat Pad can connect wired or wirelessly to your network, allowing seamless sharing of audio and visual content.

Audio Extensibility and Simplified Security

For those with existing AES 67 compatible systems, Neat Bar Pro offers audio extensibility. Additionally, Neat removes complexities and threats with its secure, single-purpose hardware devices, eliminating the need to worry about passwords and patches. Upgrading is a one-click process, ensuring you have access to the latest features effortlessly.

What makes Neat Bar Pro stand out in terms of technology and design?

Neat Bar Pro is a slimline device that seamlessly integrates a stack of advanced technology, supporting up to three screens of any size. This design allows for a clearer view of people and content, providing an immersive and natural meeting experience in spaces of varying sizes.

How does Neat Bar Pro differ from its predecessor, Neat Bar?

Neat Bar Pro offers the same delightful features as Neat Bar, including an exceptional out-of-the-box experience, Neat Symmetry, and Neat Sense. However, it takes things a step further with a Pro 100 MP camera system, wide and tele cameras, and an image depth sensor. Its 16x pyramid mic array, subwoofer, and three full-range speakers enhance audio quality, making it audio extensible for compatibility with existing installations.

What size meeting rooms is Neat Bar Pro best suited for?

While Neat Bar Pro can be installed in meeting rooms of any size, its far-reaching audio and camera capabilities make it particularly well-suited for larger rooms accommodating up to 25 to 30 participants.

What comes with Neat Bar Pro for installation and setup?

Neat Bar Pro ships with a wall mount, screen mount, and table stand, making it easy for anyone to install and set up above or below one, two, or even three screens. All necessary cables and mounts for connecting to your monitor(s) are included.

How does Neat Bar Pro ensure crystal clear audio in meetings?

Neat Bar Pro features an advanced 16x pyramid mic array, subwoofer with opposing drivers for vibration cancellation, and three full-range speakers. Leveraging Neat Audio Processing, it optimizes the natural reproduction of speech throughout the meeting room, eliminating 'double talk' issues and ensuring clear vocal pick-up.

Can Neat Bar Pro support third-party microphones?

Yes, Neat Bar Pro supports third-party microphones via USB cable, a feature added in the firmware version NFD1.20221128.0011.

Does Neat Bar Pro support content sharing without cables?

Yes, Neat Bar Pro enables reliable wireless content sharing, eliminating the need for cables and dongles. Additionally, it has an HDMI-in port to support 1080p content sharing.

Does Neat Bar Pro integrate with Neat Symmetry?

Yes, like all Neat devices, Neat Bar Pro supports Neat Symmetry. Its lightning-fast image processing can detect, enlarge, and follow in-room participants closely, creating a more lifelike engagement.

Does Neat Bar Pro have built-in environmental sensors?

Yes, Neat Bar Pro features built-in environmental sensors for monitoring humidity and temperature, providing a capability known as Neat Sense.

How easy is it to connect Neat Bar Pro to a network?

Connecting Neat Bar Pro to your network is as simple as plugging in two cables. The device supports wireless or Ethernet connections for seamless integration.

Neat Bar Pro Overview
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In conclusion, Neat Bar Pro emerges as a game-changer in the realm of meeting technology. With its sleek design, advanced features, and powerful audio-visual capabilities, it caters to the demands of diverse meeting spaces. From effortless setup to seamless integration with existing systems, Neat Bar Pro delivers a superior meeting experience, making it a compelling choice for those seeking innovation and efficiency in collaborative environments. Elevate your meetings with Neat Bar Pro and step into a new era of enhanced communication and connectivity.


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