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Essentials to equip you for hybrid working in 2022

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

hybrid working in 2022

As the world shifts back to normal after the pandemic, there has been shift in workplace environment with many companies opting the hybrid working route. Professionals in every industry are looking for better tools and spaces that promote agility, empower individuals, and provide an equitable experience.

To prepare the companies for this shift here are a list of essentials that we have gathered that will help companies and their employees work efficiently and effectively in the hybrid environment, whether they are present in the office or and working remotely.

Number 1: Good Sound Speakers

During online meetings one of the major issue that we face is the communication. I have an efficient internet service but what about the still distorted voice that prevents me from completely understanding the meeting that was taking place. To work effectively in such hybrid or remote environment, excellent sound service is also important. To bridge this gap, Poly is here with Poly Sync 20.

Poly Sync 20

This Bluetooth speaker is the very thing an individual needs, whether be it for personal use or professional use. Its portable, connects through both Bluetooth and USB port, and provides amazing sound quality. Use it in a meeting room or for your personal music session, this device provides it all.

hybrid working in 2022 with Poly sync 20

The battery life is amazing and provides 20 hours of full use. Wait, What happened? Your phone battery is dying and you forgot your charger and batter bank? Worry not because Poly Sync 20 can become your battery bank, this speaker can also help you charge your phone via USB.

A programmable button puts your favorite function at your fingertips—play/pause music, last-number redial and voice assistant—it’s up to you. What’s the status of a call? You’ll know even from a distance by the highly visible light bar.

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If you are a remote participant, worry not about your voice quality as Poly Sync 20 comes with smart multi-microphone array which helps keep the echo and noise out of the meeting.

Number 2: Look the best

When working in a hybrid environment, on site employees often feel disconnected with the online one and vice versa. It is often because of the lack of video availability or the lack of response from the online participants. Online participants have their mics on mute to avoid disruptive sounds invading the meeting. Poly introduces Poly Studio P15 for employees who have to appear in meetings individually.

hybrid working in 2022 with Poly p15

Stand out with the Poly Studio P15 video bar. Exceptional optics, powerful audio, automatic camera framing, and cutting-edge noise blocking tech give you freedom to move and command the conversation.

Poly Studio P15

Now you don’t have to worry about moving while giving presentation, you can provide efficient presentation while staying centered on camera and you won’t have to stay still the entire meeting. The exceptional optics keeps your video clear and provide 4K high performance image.

This sleek device also blocks out any unwanted noise through its NoiseblockAI and Acoustic Fence Technology.

Poly Studio P15 is an amazing investment for remote employees because of its simple USB connectivity. You won’t need intense IT knowledge to connect this device to your computer. Just connect it through USB port and disconnect when needed.

hybrid working in 2022 with Poly

Number 3: Everyone is heard, far or near

While we have talked about essentials that remote individuals need to ensure better availability during conference meetings and small meetings. Let’s talk about what you may need as on-site employee so that you can be heard by the remote participants. For hybrid working, equip your conference rooms with Poly’s Trio C60. This device is a smart conference phone that can be used for any audio meeting as well as paired with any Poly video room solution.

poly trio c60

Launch and join meetings with one finger. And the Trio C60 conference phone works well with all your common collaboration platforms. Simple, powerful, accessible, and clear. The phone shuts down any background noise and provide clear and crisp audio so that every remote employee can be heard equally better. It works even in huge conference rooms without a hitch.

Employees are retuning back one way or the other, make sure they have the right tools and technology for their workstyles and workspaces, so they can be productive no matter where they are.

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Poly can be of assistance. According to Poly’s research, 92 percent of employees in a typical enterprise can be classified into six distinct workstyles, each with its own set of technology requirements and workspace requirements. To begin, determine the workstyles in your organization. Then provide employees with the audio and video tools they require for their job.


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