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GITEX Global 2022: All You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The largest technology exhibition in the world for over 41 years will arrive in October 2022. This annual tech event features global technology players and covers the latest trends and innovations from a variety of sectors. The exhibition takes place in the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Center. Here's your chance to learn more about GITEX!

What is GITEX?

GITEX stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. GITEX Global unifies the world's most influential tech startups, ecosystems, economies, investors, cultures, and businesses on one stage. It is an annual consumer electronics, IT, AI, and Blockchain trade show. It was launched in 1981 as GITE. The event attracts a variety of participants including technology enthusiasts, startup founders, IT professionals, and industry leaders.

The annual show was first launched with the name GITE in the year 1981. While the event was already witnessing a growing prevalence, the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 in 2009 amplified the participation to a great level. Over 150,019 participants took part in the launch event. Since then, GITEX became a world-class technology exhibition that brought the audience closer to tech innovations. Altogether, the event witnesses must-attend industry-related discussions, debates, knowledge sharing of new ideologies, demonstrations, and trade of the latest products.

GITEX Shopper –The electronics extravaganza brings all the top electronic brands, retailers and tech enthusiasts together, to maximize on the stand-out electronics deals and offers, daily prize draws, product launches, interactive shows and entertaining show features designed to engage the entire family.

You don’t have to be a technophile to get excited for GITEX Shopper event, the region’s largest consumer electronics fair at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Attracting just about everyone who loves a good bargain, you can snap up unbelievable deals on brands, new gadgets, network computing software, embedded computer technology and home appliances, all in one convenient location.

What is the timing and location for GITEX 2022?

The largest IT exhibition, GITEX 2022, will be held below mentioned date and venue:

  • 10th October - 11am to 5pm

  • 11th October - 10am to 5pm

  • 12th October - 10am to 5pm

  • 13th October - 10am to 5pm

  • 14th October - 10am to 5pm

Venue- Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai UAE

Number of Exhibitors- 5000+

Attendees- 100,000+

Start-Up Participation- 800+

Countries Participating- More than 170

Global Expert Speakers- 1000+

GITEX Global Shows 2022– which ones should you visit?

  • GITEX GLOBAL This is an main and most popular event for Global enterprise and government organizations that fuel the digital transformation mission in more than 170 countries. Where companies exhibit the best of their capabilities at their exhibition booths along with seminars at several spots in the hall.

  • AI Everything The event is hosted by the UAE government’s National Program for Artificial intelligence. AI is currently the most lucrative domain for innovations that will benefit the economy to a great extent. Gathering of the prominent AI companies will further accelerate investments, innovations, and implementations here.

  • Global DevSlam As a new event, this is a coder and developer ecosystem for empowering and connecting the next generations of tech enthusiasts. This event will bring together the best development and coding agencies.

  • North Star At Zabeel Halls 4, 5, 6 and 7 near Dubai Trade Center, this is the influential startup event that unifies startup founders, investors, and speakers. So that they can connect, grow, and build together.

  • Fintech Surge This event aims to unify fintech companies, regulators, startups, and financial centers. The right likeminded fintech individuals worldwide can connect and help each other here.

  • Marketing Mania It is an event that empowers marketers with innovation in data analytics and creativity. An event specifically to bring marketing and technology to a common platform.

  • X-verse X-verse is the latest and trending attraction of GITEX this year. X-verse will allow the users to experience brand new gaming, spectacular virtual art, meta K-POP stars, and even the next-generation meta fashion.

Also, these shows are still accepting speakers & exhibitors to participate in the annual tech summit event.

Enter the Next Digital Universe

GITEX GLOBAL unifies the world’s most influential ecosystems advancing business, economy, society and culture through the sheer power of innovation.

The world’s largest, most inclusive tech & startup event unveils new worlds of promise – from the transcendent power of 6G to the vast virtual business ecosystems of the Metaverse – among many tech-powered revolutions and future-forward thinking. Step in. An unimaginable new digital universe awaits.

Key areas of Discussion Topics & Subjects at GITEX

The event is all set to witness the next-gen tech innovators & the industry-experts share knowledge and discuss the present & future of the latest trends & innovations.

Metaverse– The latest trends & the future of the Metaverse Technology

Gaming– The moving industry of gaming based on the latest tech advancements

Telecom & 5G– Exploring & understanding the scope of 5G networks and the future of 6G network capabilities

Education– The growing industry of Edu-tech and the latest tech trends in the field

Startups- The emergence of the UAE as a highly preferred startup & investment hub in the landscape of global entrepreneurship & startups.

Energy & Sustainability- The annual highlight on the critical ESG & Green Tech plans to push the decarbonization and the tech trends to ensure the digital transformation.

Digital Cities & AI- Creating the vision for tech & AI-enabled cognitive city infrastructures based on advancements like Cloud-Enabled Shared Economies, AI-Powered City Governance Applications, etc.

Future Mobility– The conference will cover the robust & fast-moving industry of mobility and its subjects like EVs, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles, Sustainable Transport, etc.

Healthcare- Exploring & understanding the trends in the healthcare technology forefront like integrated diagnostics, AR/VR, Virtual Collaborative Platforms, etc.

Cybersecurity– One of the most significant aspects in recent times, discussing topics like the Metaverse & NFT Threat Landscape, Cyber Attacks in the Digital World of eSports, Automation and AI-Powered Attacks, etc.

Marketing Technology- The effective innovation in the field of marketing as it comes together with the technology to rev up the organizational goals.

Data Economy– Discussing the potential data and analytics market including topics like Cloud- Native and Self-Service Analytics, Cleaner and Greener AI for Data Centers, Edge Computing and Business Intelligence Adoption, etc.

GITEX Global, the revolutionary technology exhibition is all set with the industry’s most vital discussion topics and exhibitors joining in from around the world. Therefore, if you are looking ahead to participate in the world’s biggest tech event, now is the time to plan & strategize.

Should you attend GITEX 2022?

Yes. If you work in technology, you must attend GITEX 2022 due to the following reasons mentioned below:

  • You will get to meet more than 4000 leaders from in a like minded tech-enthusiastic ecosystem

  • To attend 500 hours+ expert talks and learn the trade tricks by engaging in technical and business workshops.

  • Accessing and networking with global tech enterprises and startups from more than 170 countries.

  • Versatile audience with unique background and experience

You will also witness fantastic tech inventions and solutions globally. For any of these reasons, you should attend GITEX 2022 this October.

What are the different passes for GITEX?

There are four different passes for GITEX, as mentioned below:

  • Visitor passes for the exhibition only cost AED 220.

  • Workshop pass for both exhibition and workshops costs AED 550.

  • Delegate pass for exhibition, workshops, and conference that costs AED 600.

  • Certified training pass for exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and certified courses only costs AED 2000.

The most suitable pass for a curious visitor is the Visitor pass if they want to see different companies of the world freely and even interact with them. The same pass would allow investors and job seekers to access startups at Northstar and find individual Fintech, AI, or Blockchain companies.

However, the Delegate and Certified training pass will help professionals to access workshops and training from the leaders of industry themselves. For someone who seeks to grow their business and overcome challenges, these options might be a nice choice.

Also, there is a group discount available. So you can save up to 25% on the standard rates if you register a group of at least five people.


GITEX 2022 is a great event to witness if you are nearby or if you are working in the technology domain. This event provides incredible networking opportunities, global exposure, more sales, and investments. However, it is not a fancy technology show where robots perform and drones fly around - it’s not an event for leisure or entertainment. Unless you are passionate about technology, in which case GITEX 2022 would be a treat for you.

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