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Hybrid Working with Microsoft Teams' Front Row and Poly Studio E70

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

For the past 2 years’ virtual meetings have been the most important mean to fulfil our need to connect and collaborate with one another. Both for personal reasons as well as professional.

As the world is starting to go back to its daily routine, and people are starting to go back to on-site jobs from hybrid and many even shifting to a hybrid work model, it’s clear that we are going through a crucial moment of once in a generation shift in the way we work.

Hybrid Working with Microsoft Teams

In order for companies to brace flexibility to be able to work in this new work environment, such as how can every participant in the meeting feel present whether online or in person, Microsoft and Teams are introducing a new set of features called Front Row. This will allow everyone to embrace flexibility in work environment and level the plain field for everyone, no matter where they are working from. Combining the very best visual and audio technology, the most amazing aspects of both virtual and in-person meetings together into a single experience designed for inclusion.

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Hybrid Working with Microsoft Teams

With Front Row, the video gallery has been moved to the bottom of the screen, so remote participants are eye-level with people in the room. All of Teams sharing features in the center of the screen. The full meeting chat (including the fun emojis and gifs), meeting details, and a clear view of any remote participant with a raised hand, Microsoft has made it possible for everyone in a Teams Room call, whether virtual or in-person, to see and react to chat comments during a meeting.

Poly Studio E70

Use Front Row in any Teams Room. One screen, two screens, even wide aspect ratio projector screens. Front Row can be the default layout for any room. Combine Front Row with an intelligent camera, and the meeting experience will truly connect every participant in a way that feels fun, productive, and genuinely connected.

New and advanced camera capabilities are used for this feature to enable remote participants to be seen more clearly by optimizing their view of the room. This is where Poly comes in to help. Poly has worked hand in hand with Microsoft since the early days of OCS, partnering with them to bring their vision of seamless collaboration to life with the absolute best of Video, Audio, and Wearable solutions, maximizing the power of Microsoft Teams.

Hybrid Working with Microsoft Teams Poly Studio E70

The new Poly Studio E70 uses Poly DirectorAI Technology that detects who is actively speaking and zooms in on them for a closer view. Transitions are seamless and allows multiple people to be seen in their own individual frames.

And keep an eye on this space: our relentless pursuit of excellence is set to deliver an even more innovative and inclusive experience in the future, leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams Front Row to create a truly blended world where everyone has a seat at the table.


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