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Logitech MeetUp: Best Value Video Conferencing System!

In the fast-paced world of business, efficient communication is key. Logitech, a pioneer in the tech industry, recognizes this need and presents the Logitech MeetUp—an all-in-one conferencecam designed specifically for small rooms and huddle spaces. Let's delve into the features that make MeetUp an exceptional solution for streamlined video conferencing.

Logitech MeetUp: Best Value Video Conference System!

All-In-One Design for Small Spaces

MeetUp is tailored for huddle rooms and compact spaces. Despite its small form factor, it packs a punch with a motorized pan/tilt lens, a beamforming microphone array, a full-range speaker system, and a 4K Ultra HD Camera with 5X HD zoom. This all-in-one design ensures simplicity in setup and use, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Flexible Mounting Options

Versatility is key, and MeetUp delivers. With options for table stand, wall mount, and even TV mount, you can optimize your space and minimize visible cabling. The compact dimensions and various mounting choices make MeetUp a perfect fit for any room configuration.

Speak Easy with RightSound Technologies

Front-of-room alignment of voice and video is just the beginning. RightSound technologies, including a beamforming microphone array, ensure crystal-clear speech capture. The system auto-levels voices, suppresses background noise, and provides a full-duplex audio experience, fostering natural conversations.

Automatic Camera Optimization with RightSight

No need to worry about camera angles—RightSight computer vision technology automatically adjusts the camera position and zoom to frame everyone in the room. This proactive approach to video optimization ensures that every participant is visible and engaged.

Simple Management with Logitech Sync

Logitech Sync Device Management offers a centralized platform to monitor and manage meeting room devices effortlessly. Gain business insights and ensure seamless operation with this comprehensive management solution.

Next-Level Peace of Mind with Logitech Select

Logitech Select, a comprehensive service plan, provides 24/7 support, a Designated Service Manager, product replacement, accelerated RMA, onsite spares, and advanced Sync analytics. This plan offers reliability and peace of mind, especially for larger deployments.

Extended Warranty for Long-Term Security

For added assurance, Logitech offers extended warranties of up to five years, protecting your investment against defects. This extended coverage provides peace of mind and ensures the longevity of your Logitech MeetUp video conferencing solutions.

Complete Room Solutions with MeetUp

Build out your small meeting rooms with a complete solution, including Logitech MeetUp, a compute platform, room-optimized software, and the Logitech Tap touch controller. Explore compatibility with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Zoom Rooms for a seamless video conferencing experience.

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Premium Features for Enhanced Experience

MeetUp doesn't just stop at video conferencing; it goes the extra mile with features like 5X zoom, premium camera optics, extended range with the optional Expansion Mic, Bluetooth speakerphone, remote control, and innovative Wall Saver for flexible positioning without drilling.

5X Zoom: Immerse your audience in a distraction-free presentation with MeetUp's 5X Zoom feature. Frame presenters perfectly, minimize background distractions, and zoom in on whiteboards or objects for crystal-clear details. The advanced 4K image sensor ensures sharp and clear video, maintaining quality even during close-ups.

Premium Camera Optics: Experience the art of imaging with MeetUp's exquisitely engineered premium camera optics. Capture a wide field-of-view without the common "fisheye" distortion on faces and furniture. Faces appear natural, whiteboard writing remains legible, and straight lines stay true, providing a visually pleasing and distortion-free video experience.

The Story Behind the Lens: Delve into the narrative behind MeetUp's lens technology, uncovering the dedication to precision and quality that goes into creating an exceptional visual experience for users.

Extended Range with Expansion Mic: Adapt to various huddle room configurations effortlessly with the Logitech Expansion Mic for MeetUp. While MeetUp's built-in beamforming mics are optimized for up to 4 meters, the Expansion Mic extends this range to 5 meters. Whether participants are seated at a table, against the wall, or moving around the room, the Expansion Mic ensures everyone is heard loud and clear.

Bluetooth® Speakerphone: Seamlessly integrate your smartphone or tablet with MeetUp for outstanding audio clarity, volume, and range that surpasses handheld devices. Elevate your audio experience during calls or conferences with the convenience of Bluetooth pairing.

Take Control with Remote Functionality: Empower yourself during meetings with MeetUp's remote control. Adjust volume, mute the microphone, or take manual control over the camera position with discreet and reliable radio frequency (RF) signals. For added convenience, download the Logi Remote app (available on iTunes) to control MeetUp using your iPhone or iPad.

Wall Saver Option: No need for drilling? No problem. Utilize the optional TV Mount for MeetUp, attaching it to VESA mounting points behind the display. This clever solution allows you to position MeetUp above or below the display without the hassle of drilling new holes, preserving the aesthetics of your space.

RightSense Technologies: Experience the magic of Logitech RightSense™ proactive technologies, designed to enhance video meetings effortlessly. RightSound optimizes the human voice for superior clarity, RightSight automatically adjusts the camera and zoom to include everyone in the frame, and RightLight ensures everyone looks their best on camera, irrespective of lighting conditions. Elevate your video conferencing with automatic and intelligent features that make every meeting a breeze.


In a world where effective communication is paramount, Logitech MeetUp stands out as a versatile, feature-packed solution for small room video conferencing. Elevate your meetings with cutting-edge technology that simplifies setup, enhances audiovisuals, and provides peace of mind for the long run. Logitech MeetUp: Best for Video Conferencing Where Innovation Meets Simplicity.



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