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Neat Frame: A Revolution in Collaboration and Communication

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work, companies and employees are seeking innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into their daily routines. Enter Neat Frame, a cutting-edge personal video device designed to redefine your working environment, whether at home or in the office.

Neat Frame: A Revolution in Collaboration and Communication

Simple Setup, Maximum Impact

Neat Frame boasts a user-friendly setup that ensures a clutter-free workspace. With superior audio and visual quality, this device enhances your virtual interactions without adding unnecessary complexity to your computer or desk.

Productivity Unleashed

Positioned as a productivity powerhouse, Neat Frame is equipped with a touchscreen interface compatible with various software applications. Its integration with Microsoft Teams provides quick access to essential features like Calendar, Contacts, Meetings, and Team Chat, creating a seamless collaboration experience. The interactive touchscreen also allows you to express your ideas vividly on Microsoft Whiteboard, fostering creativity and innovation.

Your Personalized Microsoft Teams Hub

Neat Frame seamlessly integrates with your personalized Microsoft Teams account, enabling faster access to calls and meetings. This personalized touch ensures a smooth and efficient workflow tailored to your specific needs.

Award-Winning Design

Recognized as a Red Dot winner in 2022 for "Best of the Best" and a Smart Product, Neat Frame also received the Good Design Award in 2022. Priced at US$1,490 or available through a convenient monthly plan starting at US$60.00, Neat Frame combines aesthetic appeal with functionality.

Crystal-Clear Communication

Neat Frame prioritizes communication with front-facing tweeters and woofers for rich voice reproduction. The 3x microphone array and Neat's advanced audio processing algorithms emphasize your voice while eliminating background noise, creating a clear and natural conversation environment.

Freedom to Move

With a high-resolution 113° field of view and 4x zoom, Neat Frame adapts seamlessly to your movements—whether sitting, standing, or walking around. Enjoy the flexibility to move around freely without compromising on video quality.

Privacy and Personal Spaces

Designed with privacy in mind, Neat Frame is perfect for various spaces, including home offices, focus rooms, hot-desking areas, and office lobbies. Experience Neat Frame in augmented reality to visualize it life-size and from every angle.

Tech Specs and Neat Pulse

Neat Frame's specs include a 15.6-inch Full HD multi-touch LED screen, 4x digital zoom, 113° FOV wide-angle camera, and various sensors. For peace of mind, consider Neat Pulse, a full-service offering that provides control over applications, premium support, and extended warranty coverage.

Customer Stories and Satisfaction

Explore customer stories, such as how St. Isabella School leverages Neat and Zoom to enrich the remote and hybrid learning experience. With a 4.5-star rating and a 90% recommendation rate, Neat Frame stands as a reliable choice for enhancing productivity.

Tech Specs:

  • Display: 15.6-inch multi-touch LED screen

  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet

  • Weight: 7.6 pounds

  • Dimensions: W: 8.8 inches, H: 17.5 inches, D: 4.4 inches

  • Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer hardware warranty

  • Audio Features: Noise suppression, echo cancellation, double talk

  • Camera: 4x digital zoom, 50 MP capture resolution, 113° wide-angle

  • Microphone: 1 tracking mic, 3 beamforming microphones

  • Certification: Microsoft Teams certified

Neat Frame: FAQs for Optimal Use

Neat Frame: FAQs for Optimal Use

1. How can I stop HDMI content from automatically sharing at the beginning of my Zoom meeting?

  • Navigate to the Zoom administrator page, select 'Rooms,' and choose the specific room to edit. Look for the option 'Start HDMI content share manually on controller' and enable it to prevent automatic content sharing during the meeting.

2. What operating system runs on Neat devices?

  • All Neat devices run on Neat OS, a secure and hardened firmware exclusively designed to work seamlessly with Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams.

3. Can users Whiteboard from the Neat Frame while using Microsoft Teams?

  • Yes, the Neat Frame is Microsoft Teams certified as a Teams Display, allowing users to utilize the whiteboarding feature.

4. How do I access Zoom meeting controls on the Frame when sharing content?

  • Swipe down from the top of the Neat Frame's screen to reveal the meeting controls. The Zoom meeting controls will then appear at the bottom of the Frame.

5. Is USB-C used for screen sharing and laptop charging from Neat Frame?

  • No, Neat Frame does not support USB-C for screen sharing and laptop charging.

6. Can the Neat Frame be hardwired to the network?

  • Yes, it is possible with a USB-C to Ethernet adapter, which needs to be sourced separately, as it is not supplied by Neat.

7. Is the Neat Frame a Teams Display or Teams Video Phone?

  • The Neat Frame is exclusively a Microsoft Teams Display and not a Teams Video Phone.

8. Does the Neat Frame support Windows Hello authentication?

  • No, the Neat Frame is not designed to support Windows Hello authentication.

9. What is the Neat Frame?

  • The Neat Frame is an all-in-one device designed for seamless meetings with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. Its 15.6" portrait touchscreen, advanced camera, sensitive microphones, audio processing technology, and powerful speakers ensure a superior meeting experience.

10. Can the Neat Frame double as a computer monitor?

  • No, the Neat Frame's portrait screen is specifically designed to provide an optimal experience for video conferencing and is not intended to function as a PC monitor.

In conclusion, Neat Frame offers optimal meeting experiences with features like manual HDMI content control, Neat OS compatibility, Microsoft Teams Whiteboard support, accessible Zoom controls, and flexible connectivity options. Designed for seamless meetings, it excels in aesthetics and functionality, serving as an all-in-one solution for superior video conferencing.


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