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Poly Studio R30 USB Video Bar for Small Rooms With Big Ideas

Poly Studio R30 is a video conferencing system designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. It includes a camera, speakers, and a microphone array integrated into a single device, capable of capturing 4K video with a 120-degree field of view. It is compatible with popular video conferencing platforms and includes features such as automatic camera framing and speaker tracking.

Polycom Studio R30

Experience Meeting Equality with Poly Studio R30 Video Conferencing System

The Poly Studio R30 is a USB video bar designed for small conference spaces, offering an easy-to-use video conferencing solution. With Poly DirectorAI technology, the camera provides a dynamic and inclusive experience, ensuring everyone stays in frame during meetings. The system's audio is also enhanced, filtering out background noise to ensure clear communication from all participants. The Poly Studio R30 promotes meeting equality and encourages every voice to be heard, making it a valuable addition to any video conferencing setup.

Experience High-Quality Video Conferencing with Polycom Studio R30 USB Video Bar

The Polycom Studio R30 USB video bar offers exceptional video quality, with 4K resolution and a full 120-degree field of view, making it the perfect group call solution. Its high-quality video captures the entire room, ensuring that everyone is visible in the frame. The 4K video resolution allows for digital zoom without losing any clarity, providing an extraordinary video conferencing experience. Enjoy the exceptional video quality during your video conferences with the Polycom Studio R30 USB video bar.

Polycom Studio R30 front image

What is the field of view of poly R30?

The field of view of the Polycom Studio R30 USB video bar is a full 120 degrees, offering exceptional video quality for group call solutions. With its high-quality 4K resolution, the entire room can be captured, ensuring that all participants are visible in the frame. Additionally, the 4K video resolution allows for digital zooming without any loss of clarity, providing an extraordinary video conferencing experience. So, if you want to enjoy exceptional video quality during your video conferences, the Polycom Studio R30 USB video bar is an excellent choice.

Powerful Audio for Clear Communication with Poly Studio R30

The Poly Studio R30 provides exceptional audio clarity, giving everyone a voice. Its advanced multi-mic array captures voices with precision, while its Acoustic Fence and NoiseblockAI technologies keep distracting noises at bay. The system's powerful speaker offers acoustic suspension, keeping voices crisp and clear. With the Poly Studio R30, you can experience clear and natural-sounding audio during your video conferencing sessions.

Polycom Studio R30

Experience Enhanced Video Conferencing with Smart Camera Technology of Polycom Studio R30

Poly DirectorAI technology offers a smart camera tech solution with pinpoint-accurate speaker tracking and professional-quality group framing, making it the perfect addition to your video conferencing setup. The advanced technology adds automatic tracking to create an unparalleled video conferencing experience, like having a director in the room ensuring that everyone is seen clearly. Enjoy a seamless video conferencing experience with Poly DirectorAI technology.

Enjoy Easy and Flexible Video Conferencing Setup with Polycom Studio R30

The Poly Studio R30 is designed to improve any space with an easy, flexible setup. It comes with an easy-to-use display mount as standard, and if you need more flexibility, a wall mount is also available. In addition, the Poly Studio R30 is compatible with standard tripod mounts. Regardless of the setup you choose, simply plug it into your laptop, and you'll be joining meetings in record time. The wall mount option provides additional flexibility for your setup, ensuring that your video conferencing experience is comfortable and convenient.

Is the Poly Studio R30 compatible with wall mounts?

Answer: Yes, the Poly Studio R30 USB video bar comes with an easy-to-use display mount as standard, but it is also compatible with wall mounts and standard tripod mounts, providing you with more flexibility in your video conferencing setup.

How much does a poly R30 weight?

The Poly Studio R30 has a weight of 1lb 13oz or 822g. Its dimensions are 17.5 inches in width, 3.4 inches in height, and 3.2 inches in depth or 445 millimeters in width, 86 millimeters in height, and 81 millimeters in depth. This lightweight and compact design make it easy to mount and install in any conference room or workspace.

The Poly Studio R30 USB video bar offers a range of features for exceptional video conferencing, including 4K video resolution and a full 120-degree field of view for high-quality video capture. Poly DirectorAI technology provides automatic camera tracking and framing, while advanced multi-mic array, Acoustic Fence, and NoiseblockAI technologies deliver exceptional audio clarity. The device also comes with a display mount, wall mount options, and compatibility with standard tripod mounts for flexible setup. Other features include easy plug-and-play connectivity, automatic updates, and compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms.


  • Poly DirectorAI technology provides automatic framing and tracking for clear video conferencing.

  • Poly Lens allows for remote device management over Wi-Fi.

  • Powerful integrated speaker offers clear, rich sound with acoustic suspension and a passive radiator.

  • Advanced multi-microphone array ensures clear audio for all participants.

  • NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies help to eliminate distracting noises and side conversations.

  • Polycom Studio R30 is an excellent option for small rooms with big ideas.

What is the warranty on Poly R30?

The Polycom Studio R30 is the best option for small meeting rooms with big ideas, and it comes with a reassuring warranty. The device comes with a standard two-year warranty, which ensures that customers can rely on the product for their video conferencing needs. The warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship, and customers can receive a replacement unit or have their product repaired if necessary. This warranty gives customers peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a quality product backed by a reliable warranty.


The Polycom Studio R30 is an exceptional video conferencing solution for small rooms with big ideas. With its 4K resolution and 120-degree field of view, the device captures high-quality video that ensures everyone is seen clearly, thanks to its Poly DirectorAI technology. The advanced multi-mic array, NoiseBlockAI, and Acoustic Fence technologies prevent distracting noises and side conversations from interrupting your meetings, while the powerful integrated speaker featuring acoustic suspension ensures you hear pristine clarity and rich sound. Moreover, you can easily manage the device remotely over Wi-Fi with Poly Lens. All in all, the Polycom Studio R30 is a reliable and efficient choice for all your video conferencing needs, delivering an extraordinary experience every time.


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