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Pro-Quality Audio in an affordable Bluetooth Headset | Voyager 4300 UC

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Whether you want to enjoy music or want to block noise during your official meetings, use Poly's new Voyager Series; Poly Voyager 4300 UC series.

Voyager 4300 UC

With Poly's world-class audio performance, all-day comfort, and dual-mic Acoustic Fence technology that eliminates background noise whether working at home or in the office, the Voyager 4300 UC Series gives users the flexibility they need to stay connected to all of their devices, keeping hybrid teams productive.

Fantastic flexibility, connectivity, and wireless freedom in a low-cost Bluetooth headset. What else could you possibly require?

One headset, multiple ways to work

One headset, any device, and numerous ways to work! The Voyager 4300 UC Series connects to all of your communication devices at the same time. The Voyager 4300 UC Series can be utilized as a wired or remote headset, giving the opportunity of a remote headset and the dependability of a corded choice when required. Furthermore, the BT700 adapter provides up to 50 feet of wireless connection for employees who like to wander around the workplace or remote workers who need the adaptability to move around their homes.

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High quality audio performance

The Voyager 4300 UC Series features noise-canceling Dual mic Acoustic Fence technology, so people on the other end hear YOU – not your surroundings. The Voyager 4300 UC Series empowers you to remain in the zone with sound system sound and inactive commotion disconnection. The Series upholds A2DP and AVRCP for an excellent consistent mixed media experience. In the event that all of this doesn't catch your eye the Voyager 4300 UC Series additionally includes Poly's SoundGuard Advanced Sound, which levels sound for listening comfort and acoustic restricting to safeguard your ears against boisterous unexpected sounds.

Voyager 4300 UC

24 hour talk time

The Voyager 4300 UC Series has up to 24 hours of talk time, so battery life won’t be an issue. If you do forget to charge your headset, just plug in the included USB cable to your computer and you have a corded headset and no battery worries.

Improving your work efficiency

As hybrid working becomes the norm, IT departments are confronted with new challenges in outfitting and supporting their users. The Voyager 4300 UC Series is simple to deploy, manage, and update remotely thanks to Poly Lens software. Some of the features that IT teams will appreciate on the Voyager 4300 include:

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  • Self-service with QR codes allows for simple end-user deployment.

  • Poly Lens allows for remote management and future proofing.

  • Universal charging stands that are also compatible with the Voyager Focus 2 for simple portfolio deployment.

  • A desk phone, computer, and mobile phone can be connected to the office base.

  • Wearing styles in mono and stereo – giving users options as they like.

  • Ideally suited for new hybrid work – Users can take the portable design and carrying case with them when moving between the office and the home office.

  • Teams by Microsoft Certified to provide a unified Microsoft Teams experience

  • Zoom has been certified for a plug-and-play Zoom experience.

  • Global warranty of two years.

  • Poly+ is an optional extra for peace of mind after the sale, provided directly by Poly.

Voyager 4300 UC

The Voyager 4300 UC Series combines the best features of both worlds. The convenience of corded dependability combined with the freedom of a wireless experience. Users want and need features that are easy to deploy and integrate into their apps. For more information visit


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