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SAVI 8400 Office Series: Built for the Modern Office

The Savi 8400 Office Series by Poly is here to revolutionize your office communication experience. With three incredible options to choose from - Savi 8410 Office, Savi 8420 Office, and Savi 8445 Office - this wireless DECT™ headset system is designed to meet the demands of the modern office, ensuring that you stay connected, productive, and comfortable throughout your workday.

SAVI 8400 Office Series

Universal Connectivity for Ultimate Flexibility

One of the standout features of the Savi 8400 Office Series is its universal base, designed to connect to almost any Savi headset. This intuitive base unit makes it a breeze to switch between different headsets, ensuring flexibility for users. Whether you're using a computer, desk phone, or mobile phone, this headset system has you covered, allowing you to seamlessly connect and switch between devices.

Crystal-Clear Conversations

With the Savi 8400 Office Series, you can say goodbye to the frustration of unclear phone calls and disruptions during important conversations. Thanks to the noise-canceling microphone with close conversation limiting, you can enjoy crystal-clear conversations even in noisy office environments. This feature not only enhances your communication but also helps you stay focused on your tasks.

Multi-Device Connectivity for Enhanced Productivity

The modern office demands multi-device connectivity, and the Savi 8400 Office Series delivers. With 3-way connectivity, this headset system is the perfect solution for business calls, allowing you to stay seamlessly connected across various devices. You can even conference up to four headsets together with the base unit, boosting productivity and collaboration within your team.

Untethered Freedom

Say goodbye to being tied to your desk. The Savi 8400 Office Series offers the convenience of hands-free calling and an extended roaming range. With up to 13 hours of talk time and the ability to roam up to 590 ft/180 m, you can keep important calls going, even when you step away from your desk. This level of freedom enhances your mobility and productivity in the office.

SAVI 8400 Office Series

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Noise-canceling microphone with close conversation limiting for clear communication.

  • Extended talk time and roaming range for uninterrupted work.

  • Seamless connectivity to various devices, including PCs, mobile phones, and desk phones.

  • Universal base unit compatible with most Savi headsets for flexibility.

Technical Specifications

  • Connects To: Desk phone, PC, and mobile (For PC-only connection, see the Savi 8200 UC Series).

  • Talk/Standby Time: Up to 13 hours talk (Up to 50 hours standby for Savi 8410 and Savi 8420).

  • Headset Wireless Range: Up to 590 ft/180 m line of sight, up to 180 ft/55 m in a typical office environment.

  • Battery Capacity: 490 mAh (Savi 8410), 700 mAh (Savi 8420), 140 mAh (Savi 8445).

  • Battery Type: Rechargeable, replaceable lithium-ion polymer.

  • Charge Time: Three hours.

  • Wireless Technology: DECT™ 6.0 and Bluetooth® v5.2 (North America), DECT™ and Bluetooth® v5.2 (Outside North America).

  • Audio Profiles: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Bluetooth® Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Bluetooth® Headset Profile (HSP).

  • Receive Audio Performance: Active noise canceling (ANC) (Savi 8420).

  • Receive Frequency Response: Wideband - 100 Hz-6800 Hz, Multimedia - 20 Hz–20 kHz.

  • Hearing Protection: SoundGuard DIGITAL2 protects against sound levels above 118dBA, G616 anti-startle (during calls), time-weighted average prevents average daily noise exposure from exceeding 85dBA2.

  • Microphone and Technology: Noise canceling with close conversation limiting.

  • Weight: Savi 8410 (Mono): 115 g/4.05 oz, Savi 8420 (Stereo): 160 g/5.64 oz, Savi 8445 (Convertible): 21 g/.74 oz (over-the-ear).

  • Headset Call Controls: Call answer/end, mute, volume +/-, ANC on/off (Savi 8420), power on/off.

  • Headset Base: Compatible with Savi 8400/Savi 8200/Savi 7400/Savi 7300 Series headset tops, conference up to 4 headsets, color display for audio control settings, scroll wheel, back button, Microsoft Teams Button (Microsoft Teams version only), PC/Desk phone/Bluetooth® selector buttons.

  • Voice and Other Alerts: Multiple voice prompts.

  • Manageability: Cloud: Poly Lens service3, Local (Windows/MAC OS): Poly Lens Desktop App3.

Savi 8400 Office Serie

In Conclusion

The Savi 8400 Office Series is a game-changer for the modern office. With its versatile connectivity, exceptional audio quality, and impressive battery life, it's the perfect companion for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and communication in the workplace. Say hello to a new era of office headsets with the Savi 8400 Office Series!


For more information:

Call/ WhatsApp : +971 52 417 7286

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