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Sennheiser SC 30 USB: The Ultimate Tool for Business Communication

In today's fast-paced business environment, effective communication is key to success. The EPOS Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML (504546) emerges as a powerhouse solution for professionals using Skype for Business. This single-sided business headset is meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled audio quality, comfort, and durability, making it an ideal choice for those who demand excellence in their hands-free communication experiences.

Sennheiser SC 30 USB: The Ultimate Tool for Business Communication

Key Features:

  1. HD Sound for Crystal-Clear Conversations: Powered by a neodymium speaker, this headset boasts the legendary Sennheiser HD sound. Experience a natural and clearer audio experience, ensuring that every conversation is of the highest quality.

  2. Noise-Cancelling Technology: Say goodbye to unwanted background noise. The advanced noise-cancelling technology filters out disturbances, providing crystal-clear conversations even in bustling office environments.

  3. Bendable Boom Arm for Perfect Positioning: The flexible boom arm ensures that your microphone stays in the perfect position. No more worries about it twisting out of place during crucial calls or meetings.

  4. Comfort and Durability: Large, comfortable ear pads and solid construction make this headset a lightweight yet durable solution. Enjoy long hours of wear without sacrificing comfort.

  5. USB Plug and Play: The USB connector facilitates a smoother deployment, allowing you to enjoy voice clarity, quality sound, and comfort right from the start. No hassle, just plug and play.

  6. In-Line Call Control Unit: Manage your calls seamlessly with the in-line call control unit. Answer or end calls, control the volume, mute your microphone, and redial calls directly from your headset.

  7. ActiveGard Technology: Protect your hearing with ActiveGard technology, which ensures defense against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound bursts on the line.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C - 40°C

  • Wearing Style: Headband

  • Color: Black

  • Headset Weight: 42 g

  • Connectivity Technology: Wired, Bluetooth

  • Compatibility: PC / Soft phone, Certified for Alcatel Lucent, Avaya, Cisco Jabber, Mitel, Google Voice, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Citrix, Swyx

Long-Term Reliability:

  • Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions and Packaging:

  • Product Dimensions: 59 mm x 151 mm x 164 mm

  • Product Weight: 42 g

  • Package Weight: 106 g

  • Dimensions of Product Packaging: 170 mm x 60 mm x 140 mm

  • Dimensions of Master Carton: 455 mm x 290 mm x 375 mm

  • Units in Distributor Master Carton: 40

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Listening Experience: EPOS VoiceTM technology and noise-cancelling microphone for natural and clear communication.

  • Deployment-Friendly: Compatible with all major UC platforms for a hassle-free integration.

  • Easy Call Management: In-line call control unit for mute, volume adjustments, and call management.

  • Great Comfort: Ultra-lightweight headset with comfortable acoustic foam ear pads.

  • Protects Your Hearing: EPOS ActiveGard® technology guards against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound bursts.

Product guides and documents:

User Guide Epos Impact SC 30 USB
Download PDF • 174KB

Users consistently rave about the EPOS Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML's exceptional features.

Customers particularly admire the headphones for their outstanding sound quality, highlighting the immersive audio experience powered by neodymium speakers. The value for money is evident in the comfort and lightweight design, allowing users to wear them for extended periods without discomfort. The ease of installation is a notable advantage, ensuring a hassle-free setup for a quick and seamless integration into your workflow.

One standout feature that has garnered widespread applause is the convenient mute button. Users appreciate the ability to effortlessly mute and unmute without having to navigate away from their conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Hangouts. This simple yet effective functionality adds a layer of convenience to virtual meetings, empowering users to control their audio experience with ease.

EPOS Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML

In addition to the core features, customers consistently highlight the quality build and the optimal length of the cord, providing flexibility without unnecessary tangling. These positive testimonials affirm that the EPOS Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML is not just a headset; it's a reliable companion that exceeds expectations in every aspect. Join the satisfied user community and elevate your communication experience today!


Designed for office professionals seeking a reliable, efficient, and clear audio experience, the EPOS Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML (504546) stands out in the competitive landscape. With the IMPACT Line of headsets built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology, it provides the best conditions for improved focus, better concentration, and increased productivity in dynamic office environments. Elevate your business communication with this exceptional single-sided business headset from Sennheiser.


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