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The entire Neat device portfolio is now certified for Microsoft Teams

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Some exciting news from Neat!

It was announced at Microsoft Ignite that both Neat Frame and Neat Bar Pro have been certified for Microsoft Teams, which means their entire portfolio is now certified.

  • Neat Bar – Microsoft Teams Room for small rooms

  • Neat Bar Pro – Microsoft Teams Room for medium rooms

  • Neat Pad – Microsoft Teams Panel

  • Neat Board – 65-inch multi-touch screen with Audio and Video – Microsoft Teams Room all in one

  • Neat Frame – Microsoft Teams Displays

All of Neat’s devices are Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android.

The Neat device

Neat is the fastest device manufacturer ever to certify with Microsoft Teams! Even greater, the response from Microsoft customers has been phenomenal, primarily due to people’s eager anticipation for reliable devices that bring incredibly easy, rich and equitable video meeting experiences to their hybrid meeting spaces.

The Neat device

This extraordinary pace of certification is a testament to the strength of our incredible R&D team, Neat’s design-driven culture, passion and relentless urge to keep pushing the parameters of what video technology can provide. Needless to say, Neat has been burning the midnight oil in close collaboration with Microsoft for the past few months since the first wave of certified devices.

Shot on location: HWL, Hybrid Work Lab @ Dubai

Ilya Bukshteyn, vice president of Microsoft Teams Devices: “The certification process for Neat’s devices has not only been rapid but also delightful for our joint customers, who appreciated how Neat’s hardware and especially Neat Symmetry video shined with Microsoft Teams and Teams Rooms. Neat is an exciting addition to our Teams partner ecosystem, and we look forward to our joint customers experiencing Teams through these elegant and innovative devices.”

The Neat frame is really interesting It is a 450 NITS 15.6 inch Full HD portrait touch screen device. I’m lucky to have one in my home office I have been testing, and I think it is a great fit for the executive at home, being an always-on device that is ready to go with great video, people framing, 4X Zoom and really impressive noise suppression.

Microsoft has announced plans for hot desking on Microsoft Teams display. With hot desking, employees can locate and reserve a desk in advance or from the device. They can sign in for their personalized Teams experience, and leave no personal data after signing out. This is coming to the Neat Frame later this year.

The Neat Bar Pro has a wide-angle telephoto lens and image depth sensor, which combined deliver 16x zoom.

At Ignite Microsoft also announced IntelliFrame. IntelliFrame enhances the focus and framing of in-room meeting attendees, so that meeting participants in the room each have their own, individual frame in the video gallery. For Teams Rooms outfitted with an intelligent camera capable of producing multiple video streams, IntelliFrame delivers an enhanced video gallery experience. This experience will be available in early 2023.

The Neat device

The Neat team at GITEX 2022

Say hello to a frame changer

Neat Frame is the slimline first-of-its-kind, three-times award-winning, next-generation, portrait-oriented video device. In short, it’s a complete game-changer. Or, as we love to say, ‘FRAME CHANGER!’

Not only is Neat Frame a remarkably unique and supremely effective video collaboration device, but it’s also your Microsoft Teams’ personal productivity device. Neat Frame allows you to make and receive calls via video or phone. At the same time, it pairs with your laptop or desktop computer while freeing your desk of any unnecessary clutter. In short, Neat Frame’s a highly flexible personal desktop device ideal for hot desking and other adaptable working environments.

Besides providing outstanding picture quality, its 4x digital zoom wide-angle camera is at eye level. So, unlike your laptop, it frames you perfectly, making video meetings feel much more natural and engaging. Additionally, its beautiful 15.6-inch full HD multi-touch screen gives you quick and easy access to a world of controls and features. For instance, you can swiftly see your calendar, start or jump into meetings and even open up files from your OneDrive to view, pinch to zoom in on or transfer and edit them natively on your PC. Best of all, thanks to its diminutive footprint (a mere 8.75 inches across and 4.38 inches deep), Neat Frame fits almost anywhere.

The Neat device

Give a warm welcome to a pro powerhouse

If Neat Frame is all elegant-slender, then Neat Bar Pro, besides being lean in its own right, is all superior muscle. Enabling you to simultaneously see people and content more clearly, our award-winning Neat Bar Pro is a powerful yet streamlined piece of kit that delivers advanced audio and picture quality for an immersive, modern-day meeting experience across up to two screens. With a wide-angle telephoto lens and image depth sensor, which combined deliver 16x zoom, Neat Bar Pro enables you to focus on details like no other bar-type device to capture the slightest mannerisms and body gestures from all in-room participants. Neat Bar Pro is also bursting with audio power, thanks to a subwoofer with two opposing drivers for vibration cancellation and three full-range speakers, which produce direct stereo sound throughout any room. Finally, an advanced pyramid-shaped 16x microphone array ensures clear vocal pickup.

The Neat device

Entire neat device portfolio is now certified

Now that Neat’s entire product portfolio is certified for Microsoft Teams, you can address a far fuller range of flexible workspaces. Areas such as open collaborative and creative spaces with Neat Board, smaller huddle spaces and offices with Neat Bar, rooms of various sizes with Neat Bar Pro, and with Neat Frame, any flexible zones ripe for hot desking or other singular use cases. On top of that, you get an array of Neat patented or patent-pending features to help you meet on Microsoft Teams like never before.

The Neat device

The patented Neat Symmetry is an industry-defining feature that presents everyone in the meeting space equally up close, whether sitting, standing or moving around. Pinpointing whoever’s talking while at the same time focusing on the expressions and body language of others, Neat Symmetry enables remote participants to engage in natural, free-flowing conversation, leading to more inclusive and empathetic meetings for all from any location. Neat Boundary, on the other hand, removes any distractions outside your meeting space by empowering you to define the reach of the camera’s auto-tracking. Finally, Neat Audio automatically suppresses unwanted noise outside the camera’s view. Thus, your remote teammates are less likely to be distracted by your office environment’s ambient (and occasionally disruptive) noise. For all other info on Neat, please visit our Hybrid work lab at Dubai or Book a demo at

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