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The Poly Studio X70: An affordable solution for large conference rooms

Updated: Apr 10

If you need a powerful, all-in-one audio and video solution for your large conference rooms, the Poly Studio X70 is the perfect choice.

What is Poly Studio X70?

Poly Studio X70 is a beautifully engineered, premium video conference room technology solution that combines razor-sharp 4K video with boardroom filling stereo sound for simply the best meeting experience available. With a sleek all-in-one plug-and-play design, the Poly Studio X70 eliminates tangled cables and IT headaches while providing robust audio and video. Enjoy native support from your choice of video-as-a-service platforms—no PC needed. Its AI driven video and audio experience enables the Poly Studio X70 to turn any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight.

Key Features

  • Dual cameras with 4K+ sensors.

  • Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology.

  • Two-way stereo speakers, aluminum cone tweeters, and advanced bass ports.

  • NoiseBlockAI noise reduction technology.

  • Easy third-party native experience

1. Dual 4K lenses and 20-megapixel sensors

The Poly Studio X70 effortlessly moves between wide-angle and narrow lenses, capturing every detail in a room and large meeting areas. The system is designed to constantly scan the room with a 120-degree wide-angle lens and switch it to a 70-degree telephoto lens when a better view is available. For lifelike clarity, both cameras have a 20-megapixel sensor.

2. Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology

To offer an unrivaled video experience, Poly DirectorAI technology incorporates autonomous tracking. It employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide real-time automatic transitions, framing, and tracking that give the impression that everyone is in the same room. Poly DirectorAI enhances the hybrid working experience by integrating individuals in the conference room with those participating remotely.

3. Two-way stereo speakers, aluminum cone tweeters, and advanced bass ports

Enjoy the kind of crystal-clear, boardroom-filling audio you’d expect from Poly, thanks to two-way stereo speakers and advanced bass ports. And the Poly Studio X70 delivers advanced 2nd-order gradient microphone array, which means a next-level audio experience, no matter which side of the call you’re on.

4. NoiseBlockAI noise reduction technology

NoiseBlockAI technology uses machine learning to cancel out distractions such as keyboard clicks, paper shuffling, and side conversations. It also analyzes the acoustics of your environment and adapts in real-time to reduce echo.

The Poly Studio X70 has NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies and unique 2nd-order gradient microphones to keep meetings from being disrupted by distracting noises and side chats outside of your conference.

5. Easy third-party native experience

Poly Studio X70 comes with native applications for key cloud video providers like Zoom. Native apps make it easier for users, with a consistent and familiar interface everywhere. We combine Poly MeetingAI technology with partner platform features for a next level experience.

How Poly Studio X70 works in large conference rooms?

  • Each lens’ broad field of view (FoV) enables the viewing angle to be adjusted based on the number of people in the room and easily includes everyone in the picture. The FoV ranges from 70 to 120 degrees for the upper camera and 78 to 140 degrees for the lower one.

  • Poly Studio X70 also has a people counting system, which allows you to have a bird’s-eye view of meeting rooms and confirm that the recommended number of people in the space has been adhered to, ensuring the safety of all participants.

  • The camera’s smart technology ensures accurate speaker tracking via automatic voice identification, keeping the speaker in the spotlight at all times.

  • It may also frame individuals based on their movements and maximize room space by choosing between broad and narrow depending on the number of people.

  • The device works with all major video conferencing platforms, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • The aluminum cone tweeters deliver a crisp and clear sound, while the enhanced bass ports provide rich and powerful audio.

  • NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies work together to reduce distractions and side conversations, ensuring that meetings are productive and focused.

  • The Poly Studio X70 is the perfect device for large conference rooms, providing clear and lifelike video, powerful audio, and AI-driven features that enhance the meeting experience.

  • It allows users to control the meeting room system from any web-enabled personal device, to prevent dealing with shared surfaces.

  • The system is designed to work with all major video conferencing platforms and offers a native application experience for popular cloud video services.


Ready for the best damn meeting experience available? The Poly Studio X70 video bar combines stunning design with razor-sharp 4K video and boardroom-filling stereo that brings your large meeting rooms to life. Its all-in-one construction means you can trash all those annoying cables and stop bothering your IT people for help. And with its AI-driven video and audio experiences, the Poly Studio X70 turns any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight.

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