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The right way to collaborate with Jupiter

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Now that we're all back at work, what's going to change?

Getting back to work, the great return, and post-covid era are just some of the ways marketers describe the last few months. As our planet continues its recovery from the pandemonium that plagued the past few years, the top trending topics for our industry are collaboration and the challenges it creates for the “new” hybrid workforce. From our perspective, these are all challenges discussed BEFORE the global pandemic, the user base just got bigger.

collaborate with Jupiter

During the period when more people were working remotely gave our industry visibility to the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of collaboration (remote and otherwise). On a bigger scale than ever before, AV manufacturers, integrators, and customers experienced firsthand what efficient collaboration spaces need (and don’t need) to make them work most efficiently. The return to work for more people is just a single element of a bigger puzzle to now just anticipate integrating a broader audience.

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Collaboration is a sum of complex human behaviors

Let’s be honest, meeting equity, the same level of collaboration and human interaction from home to office were already subjects before the pandemic.

Why? Because collaboration is a multitude of sub-items that has been driven forever by constantly changing human behaviors, evolving along with working needs, new technologies to integrate and to use, and a matching industry always being creative in providing new ways of responding to their end-users.

Adding the fact that as humans we are all made differently and have all limits in terms of how we can interact physically with our environment. Complete inclusion is often not thought entirely through.

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Don’t think the same model applies everywhere, just adjust

The bottom line is that there is no magic formula, every collaboration space of any form and kind needs to be studied. Every end-users industries collaborate on different subjects, with different tools, on different software. Those same industries often have to collaborate internally, onsite or with distributed workforce but also externally with either people from the same industry or people from different ones with different tools, and different software.

Because of that, every space has to be versatile enough to be able to meet technical requirements for all those scenarios. And if you can’t have an all-in-one altogether unicorn solution? Divide, make some spaces for certain use cases, and some others for some different, this is why some AV integrators and AV engineering firms have years of experience, and you should trust them.

You can’t do the right thing without a holistic approach

Down to building a technical solution for a specific collaboration room or space, you need to think of everything, covering the 3x types of possible meetings:

– Onsite: people from the same company present in a collaboration room exchanging or showing content, not interacting with anyone outside of the room

– Hybrid: people present in a collaboration room, exchanging or showing content with other people connected online often with a videoconference or voice platform, from the same company.

– Onsite, or Hybrid, with external guest: All of the above, often with external guests with external presentation systems (laptops, tablets) onsite or remote (not using the same videoconference standards)

If the last of this list can sometimes give shivers to any AV managers, it is purely because in the general mind such approaches can only be realized with “Frankenstein” type rooms, involving a humongous amount of different hardware, software, making the usage complex, the maintenance a nightmare and the overall cost going through the roof.

Where Jupiter can make a difference

By being a leader in 21:9 aspect ratio format 5K native resolution LCD manufacture, Jupiter can provide with its Pana range sets of touch and non-touch displays allowing on one side 33% more screen space to use collaboration tools, and on the other side a format that is closer to human needs: wider for following natural eyesight and for working with someone else comfortably, and not too high to make it impossible touch reach parts of it.

Its low maintenance cost, integration connectivity with room control systems, building operating systems and below-average TCO makes it the perfect match for any collaboration display projects.

Collaboration software that can address those 3x types of meetings. With Simpleshare, you can launch the meeting software of your choice in a single tap, share your content with BYOM easy connectivity, or simply use a powerful split screen, local sharing, and whiteboard among collaborators.

Market leader for Ultra-wide LCD Displays : Pana 21:9 Displays

collaborate with Jupiter
  • 21:9 Panoramic : The extra wide form factor is inspired by our natural human ability to see wider than we see taller.

  • 5K Resolution : Pana provides 33% more pixels with 5K resolution giving the user more real estate in which to work.

  • Intreractive User Experience : Touch enables the expectation for interactive autonomy, speed and ease-of-use. Pana interactive displays are touch driven by multiple, simultaneous collaborators.

  • Built for Human Interaction : More pertinent information gets placed in our visual sweet spot increasing our comprehension and productivity. And all the pixels are placed where everyone on the team can reach them preserving our dignity among our peers of not having to overreach or bend over to interact with the display.

  • Interactivity through SimpleShare : Jupiter’s proprietary SimpleShare software enables intuitive interaction optimized for Pana displays. The platform provides quick and easy access to your daily workflow.

collaborate with Jupiter

See the World through a 21:9 Lens

Pana’s 21:9 ultra-wide 5K resolution brings a refreshing form factor to the conventional display market. Our 8-foot wide Pana 105 canvas optimizes team productivity allowing for improved interaction and work place collaboration.

The market most receptive to this format are enterprise and industrial companies leaning into visualization technology to be their focal point and center piece. CIOs are telling us 21:9 is making the biggest impressions enabling them to stand out, land new clients and attract better talent. That’s a win-win.

Lightweight and maneuverable, the Pana is ideal for retrofits as all sizes fit into a commercial service elevator and can be mounted using standard industry hardware without reinforced concrete or steel backing. Pana’s lower infrastructure costs equates to a lower cost of ownership as a result of easy retrofit, reduced energy consumption and affordable price point. All Pana displays are Energy Star certified.

So what are you waiting for now?

collaborate with Jupiter

Since every collaboration space is a reflection of your own needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with us, in order to advise you on the best hardware and software setup for your installation project.

For more information on Collaboration devices, you can visit our page.

For sales enquiries:

Call/ WhatsApp : +971 52 417 7286



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