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Yealink UH38 SERIES: One Headset, Dual Connection, More Possibilities

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

In the fast-paced world of communication and productivity, having the right tools is essential. The UH38 Series by Yealink is here to revolutionize your audio experience with its premium USB headset. With its innovative features, exceptional comfort, and seamless compatibility, the UH38 Series is set to redefine your expectations of a USB headset.

Yealink UH38 SERIES

Unleash the Power of Dual Connection:

The UH38 Series stands out from the crowd with its unique dual connection capability. It allows you to bridge your daily devices into one, offering versatility like never before. Whether you need to connect to your computer or mobile device, the UH38 has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching headsets or dealing with multiple devices.

Yealink UH38 SERIES

Crystal Clear Communication:

With dual noise-canceling microphones, the UH38 ensures instant peace for both you and the person you're talking to. Background noise and distractions are significantly reduced, allowing for clear and uninterrupted conversations. Whether you're in a bustling call center or a busy home office, the UH38 keeps your voice crisp and professional.

Dual Voice Modes for Customization:

Not all voices are the same, and the UH38 Series understands that. It offers dual voice modes, allowing you to choose between different settings to ensure you sound excellent in any situation. Whether you prefer a warm and soothing tone or a bold and authoritative presence, the UH38 gives you the flexibility to adapt your voice to suit your needs.

Yealink UH38 SERIES

Control Your Working Environment:

Dual busylights take your work and flow to the next level by putting you in control. With 360° visibility, these lights can be activated automatically or through manual operation. They indicate your working state, ensuring that external interruptions are minimized, and your productivity and efficiency are maximized.

Convenient Mute Controls at Your Fingertips:

Managing your calls has never been easier with the UH38's dual mute controls. By simply raising the Mic-Boom or using the control unit, you can effortlessly mute and unmute your microphone. This feature adds a great deal of convenience to your daily communication, making it more efficient and hassle-free.

Comfort and Care for Extended Use:

The UH38 Series prioritizes your comfort with its ultra-lightweight design, breathable materials, and easily replaceable ear cushions. These features ensure all-day zero fatigue, even during extended periods of use. The artificial protein leather used in the ear cushions is not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly, demonstrating Yealink's commitment to sustainability.

Seamless UC Experiences:

The UH38 Series is universally compatible, working seamlessly with common calling applications across various platforms and operating systems. No matter your business or professional communication needs, the UH38 is ready to enhance your experience from the moment you start using it.

Yealink UH38 SERIES

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - UH38 Series USB Headset

Can I connect the UH38 Series headset to both my computer and mobile device simultaneously?

Yes, the UH38 Series features dual connection capability, allowing you to connect to both your computer and mobile device at the same time. This feature provides convenience and flexibility for seamless communication across multiple devices.

How does the dual noise-canceling microphone feature work?

The dual noise-canceling microphones in the UH38 Series headset effectively reduce background noise and distractions. This ensures that both you and the person you're talking to can enjoy clear and uninterrupted conversations, even in noisy environments.

Can I customize the voice modes in the UH38 Series headset?

Absolutely! The UH38 Series offers dual voice modes, allowing you to choose between different settings to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you want a warm and soothing tone or a more authoritative presence, the UH38 lets you customize your voice for various situations.

What are the dual busylights, and how do they enhance my working environment?

The dual busylights in the UH38 Series headset are visible in 360° and can be activated automatically or through manual operation. These lights indicate your working state, helping to minimize external interruptions and distractions. You have control over your work environment, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.

How do the dual mute controls work in the UH38 Series headset?

The UH38 Series headset features dual mute controls for easy call management. You can mute and unmute your microphone by simply raising the Mic-Boom or using the control unit. This convenient feature ensures that you can quickly and effortlessly control your audio during your daily communication.

Is the UH38 Series headset comfortable for extended use?

Yes, the UH38 Series prioritizes comfort with its ultra-lightweight design and breathable materials. The ear cushions are easily replaceable and provide a comfortable fit for all-day use, even during long hours of wearing. The headset is designed to minimize fatigue and ensure a pleasant experience.

Is the UH38 Series headset compatible with different communication platforms and operating systems?

Absolutely! The UH38 Series headset is universally compatible with common calling applications across various platforms and operating systems. Whether you use it for business or professional communication, you can expect seamless integration and optimal performance.

Where can I find more information about the UH38 Series headset?

For more detailed information about the UH38 Series headset, you can refer to the UH38 Product Flyer, watch the UH38 Unboxing Video, and explore the UH38 How-to Video. These resources provide additional insights and guidance on using and getting the most out of your UH38 headset.

Yealink UH38 SERIES


The UH38 Series USB headset by Yealink redefines what you can expect from a premium headset. Its dual connection capability, exceptional sound quality, customizable voice modes, and convenient controls make it a standout choice for call centers, offices, and individuals alike. With its emphasis on comfort and compatibility, the UH38 Series ensures a superior audio experience for all your communication needs.


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