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Next-Generation Video Conferencing: Introducing HP | Poly Studio G62 for the Hybrid Workforce

Modular Room Video Conferencing System

In an era where the hybrid model of work has become the norm, the ability to connect, collaborate, and create with peers globally is no longer a luxury but a crucial necessity. This need is driving significant growth in the realm of room endpoints,

including PC-based room kits, which are expected to witness a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of up to 20% by 2028, as per insights from Frost & Sullivan.

In response to this burgeoning demand, HP has recently unveiled its latest series of Poly video conferencing and collaboration solutions. These next-generation systems are engineered to deliver not only more intelligent and adaptable meeting environments but also to enhance the immersive experience of every meeting.

Intelligent Solutions Tailored for Flexible Spaces

The highlight of this new lineup is the Poly Studio Base Kit G9 Plus, specially designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms. This state-of-the-art room solution, a collaborative effort between HP's desktop compute and collaboration teams, includes the innovative HP Mini IP PC G9.

When paired with the Poly TC10 controller, which utilizes a simple Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, the system offers unmatched computing power and a legendary collaboration experience.

The versatility of the setup allows for the addition of multiple controllers in larger spaces, ensuring that whether you're in a small focus room or a sprawling boardroom, the Base Kit can be tailored with compatible Poly cameras and peripherals to meet the specific needs of any meeting space.

The Poly Studio Base Kit G9 Plus transforms collaboration with its powerful computing capabilities, ensuring that every meeting is efficient and engaging.

Superior Meeting Experiences with Advanced Technology for Video Conferencing

The Poly Studio G62 is a modular video conferencing system that redefines the standard for enterprise-grade video and audio communications in large and variable meeting spaces. Its modular nature allows for seamless integration with a variety of peripherals, including cameras, microphones, and controllers. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for diverse settings such as boardrooms, classrooms, and flex spaces.

To ensure that all participants are both seen and heard clearly, the Poly Studio G62 can be equipped with the Poly Studio V52 video bar. This setup incorporates Poly’s AI-driven audio and video features, such as Poly DirectorAI Perimeter, NoiseBlockAI, and Sound Reflection Reduction. These innovations help minimize distractions and enhance participant framing, allowing for focused and productive meetings.

Additionally, the G62’s sustainable design, consisting of 80% post-consumer recycled plastics and 20% recycled metals, not only speaks to HP | Poly’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also to its dedication to providing high-quality, durable products.

The device's flexible mounting options further facilitate easy setup in any space and is certified for Microsoft Teams, with certifications for other platforms like Zoom and Tencent on the horizon.

Enhanced Control and Management through Poly VideoOS

With the upcoming release of Poly VideoOS 4.3 software, the Poly TC8 or TC10 can be transformed into an advanced room controller. This integration allows users to effortlessly manage video calls and adjust room settings, including lighting and displays, from a single interface. The web-based capabilities of this software offer enhanced flexibility, enabling users to customize controls for an optimized room experience.

Comprehensive Software Management and Insights

Supporting the robust hardware offerings, Poly Lens provides IT teams with comprehensive device management capabilities from a unified dashboard. The recent integration with Zoom Device Management (ZDM) enhances this functionality by offering detailed room health statuses, which streamline efficiency, insights, and troubleshooting for native Zoom Rooms.

The Poly Studio G62 stands out not only for its robust and flexible design but also for its ability to work seamlessly with your favorite video conferencing platforms.

This compatibility, coupled with the system’s ability to seamlessly connect to cameras, microphones, and third-party components, ensures that the Poly Studio G62 is a top-tier choice for organizations looking to enhance their collaborative efforts in today’s hybrid working world.


Summary Technical Specs and Connectivity of the Poly Studio G62

The Poly Studio G62 boasts a range of technical specifications and connectivity options designed to enhance the video conferencing experience in modern, hybrid work environments. Here’s a detailed look at these features:

Power and Connectivity:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+): The G62 can be powered using a PoE+ connection, which simplifies wiring and installation by eliminating the need for separate power cables. For environments where PoE+ may not provide sufficient power, an optional power brick is available.

  • LAN Port: The device includes a LAN port that supports PoE+, ensuring easy integration into existing network infrastructures without the need for additional power sources.

Audio and Video:

  • Modular Design: The G62’s modular nature allows it to be easily customized with various cameras, microphones, and controllers to fit the specific needs of different meeting spaces.

  • BYOD Support: The system supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), allowing users to connect their own laptops or computers directly to the G62, utilizing its camera and microphone peripherals for meetings.

  • Sustainability: The G62 is constructed from 80% post-consumer recycled plastics and 20% recycled metals, reflecting HP’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ports and Interfaces:

  • USB and Audio Ports: The G62 includes USB ports for connecting additional devices like cameras or external microphones and speakers. It also has 3.5 mm audio input and output for further audio options.

  • HDMI and USB-C: For video output, the G62 provides HDMI ports and supports USB-C adapters, which can be used to connect additional displays. This feature is particularly beneficial for setups requiring multiple monitor displays.

  • Advanced Room Controller Features: With the release of Poly VideoOS 4.3, the G62 can use the Poly TC8 or TC10 as an advanced room controller, enabling users to manage various room settings conveniently from a single device.

Software and Management:

  • Poly Lens Integration: The G62 is fully compatible with Poly Lens, which provides IT teams with tools for remote device management, analytics, and troubleshooting. This integration is crucial for maintaining fleet efficiency and monitoring system health.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • Magnetic Mounting Plate: The device comes with a magnetic mounting plate, making the installation process quicker and simpler, especially behind display screens where space and accessibility can be limited.

Future Compatibility and Expansion:

  • IP-Based Connectivity: Looking ahead, the G62 is designed to support IP-based cameras and peripherals, which will allow for lower latency and quicker device discovery. This is part of a broader move to enhance the integration capabilities of the system, ensuring it remains adaptable to future technological advancements.

Overall, the Poly Studio G62 is engineered not just for current needs but with an eye towards future developments in video conferencing technology. Its robust connectivity options, combined with its modular design and sustainable construction, make it a forward-thinking choice for organizations aiming to enhance their communication infrastructure in a hybrid working world.



Here are the detailed answers to the FAQs for the Poly Studio G62:

What is Power over Ethernet (PoE+), and how does it simplify the installation of the Poly Studio G62?

Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) is a technology that allows network cables to carry electrical power. For the Poly Studio G62, this means you can power the device and connect it to your network using just one cable, simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.

Can I use my own laptop with the Poly Studio G62 for video conferencing? How does the BYOD functionality work?

Yes, the Poly Studio G62 supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), allowing you to connect your laptop directly to the system using a USB cable. This integration enables you to use the G62’s camera and audio systems while running meetings through your laptop’s conferencing software.

What materials are used in the construction of the Poly Studio G62, and how do they support sustainability?

The G62 is built using 80% post-consumer recycled plastics and 20% recycled metals, emphasizing HP's commitment to sustainability. This construction helps reduce the ecological footprint and supports organizations with sustainability goals.

How does the Poly Studio G62 integrate with existing video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom?

The G62 is certified for Microsoft Teams and is pending certification for Zoom and other platforms. It seamlessly integrates with these services, providing a native experience that includes full use of its modular components.

What types of rooms and spaces is the Poly Studio G62 best suited for?

The G62 is versatile and suitable for various spaces, from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms. Its modular design allows for custom configurations that can be tailored to the needs of different environments.

Can additional cameras and microphones be added to the Poly Studio G62 setup?

Yes, the G62’s modular system supports the addition of multiple cameras and microphones, enhancing its functionality in larger rooms or for more complex setups.

How does the Poly Lens software enhance the management of the Poly Studio G62?

Poly Lens software allows IT teams to remotely manage and monitor the G62 devices across their organization. Features include status updates, analytics, and the ability to push configurations and updates, simplifying device management and ensuring optimal performance.

What are the benefits of using a USB-C adapter with the Poly Studio G62, and what does it enable?

Using a USB-C adapter with the G62 allows for additional connectivity options, such as connecting more displays or using advanced data capabilities. This adapter enhances the system’s flexibility and integration with other tech devices.

What options are available for powering the Poly Studio G62 if PoE+ is not available in my setup?

If PoE+ is unavailable, the Poly Studio G62 can be powered using a traditional power brick. This flexibility ensures that the device can be installed in various settings without relying solely on PoE+ availability.

How can the advanced room controller features in the Poly VideoOS 4.3 benefit our video conferencing setup?

Poly VideoOS 4.3 allows the Poly TC8 or TC10 controllers to manage the G62 and other room peripherals from a single interface. This enables easy adjustments of settings like camera angles, microphone sensitivity, and display outputs, enhancing the user experience during meetings.

What installation aids does the Poly Studio G62 offer to make setting up easier?

The G62 includes a magnetic mounting plate that simplifies the installation process. This plate attaches to the back of displays or other surfaces magnetically, allowing the G62 unit to snap into place quickly and securely.

Is the Poly Studio G62 compatible with third-party cameras and microphones, and how does this integration work?

Yes, the G62 is compatible with certain third-party cameras and microphones. This compatibility allows for a broader range of hardware options and enables organizations to use existing equipment, reducing overall costs and supporting custom setups.

How does the modular design of the Poly Studio G62 contribute to its flexibility in various meeting environments?

The modular design of the G62 means components such as cameras, microphones, and speakers can be added or replaced as needed. This flexibility allows the system to be customized for the specific requirements of different meeting spaces, enhancing usability and performance.

What security features does the Poly Studio G62 offer, especially when integrating into existing IT infrastructures?

The G62 includes enterprise-grade security features that ensure secure connections and protect data. These features comply with industry standards and can be managed through Poly Lens for consistent policy application and monitoring.

How does the magnetic mounting plate work, and can it be used on all types of display setups?

The magnetic mounting plate works by attaching to the back of the display or another metallic surface. The G62 then attaches to this plate magnetically, ensuring a secure and straightforward installation. This mounting method is compatible with most display types, provided they have a suitable flat surface for attachment.

How can I enhance my organization’s communication capabilities with the Poly Studio G62?

Al Zubair Group is your go-to partner in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar for integrating the Poly Studio G62 into your business environment. We offer a seamless purchasing experience and personalized demonstrations of this cutting-edge technology.

What can I expect from a live demo of the Poly Studio G62?

By scheduling a live demo with Al Zubair Group, you’ll witness firsthand how the Poly Studio G62 can transform your meeting spaces into hubs of productivity and collaboration. Experience the technology in action and see how it fits into your work environment.

How can Al Zubair Group assist me in choosing the right Poly Studio G62 setup?

Our specialists are on hand to provide expert advice to help you understand how the G62 can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business environment. We will guide you through the various configurations and features to ensure the best fit for your needs.

Where can I learn more about purchasing options and configurations for the Poly Studio G62?

Contact Al Zubair Group to explore the various configurations and pricing plans available for the Poly Studio G62. We will help you find the perfect setup that aligns with your organizational needs and budget.

How can I get in touch with Al Zubair Group to start enhancing my professional communication?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to advance your professional communication and collaboration. Visit our website or reach out to our dedicated sales team at Al Zubair Group for more information on how to step into the future of enterprise communication.

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