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Poly DA85 USB Adapter For Use With Quick-Disconnect Headsets


Hybrid working? No problem. The Poly DA85 USB Adapter keeps call center employees sounding clear at home or in the office with easy USB-A or USB-C connections. Full Microsoft Teams integration gives you access to everything Teams has to offer. Audio is adjusted to each specific headset, offering pro-grade call quality. The controls are simple to use, including a unique single hold button for audio and video. Durable enough for 50,000 disconnects, and gentle enough to preserve your hearing, the DA85 adapter upgrade any Poly QD headset to a new standard of excellence. Flexible and future-proof, only from Poly.


  • Built-in USB-A and USB-C connectors
  • Full backwards compatibility for any Poly QD headset
  • Intelligent headset recognition
  • Remote firmware and cloud system updates
  • Dedicated Teams button (Poly DA85-M model)

Poly DA85 USB Adapter Benefits

  • Work hassle-free across new and legacy equipment with USB-A and USB-C connectors right on the cable
  • Answer soft-phone calls from any PC, no matter what kind of USB port you have
  • Get more out of your legacy headset, and your investment, with full backwards compatibility
  • Walk away from your desk with a click: Poly Quick Disconnect technology works with any Poly QD-equipped headset
  • Bring in an internal expert for better customer service, or join internal meetings, with instant Teams connectivity



Making The Hybrid Call Center Work

Smart Digital Headset Adapters That Make Home/Office Working A Breeze. Want your call center employees sounding crystal-clear from home or office? The Poly DA Series USB-A and USB-C compatible digital adapters adjust audio to each specific Poly headset, offering pro-grade call quality. You’ll even get full access to everything Microsoft Teams has to offer. This level of flexibility and sheer quality could only come from Poly.


Flexible & Future Proof

Support Hybrid Working With Connection To Poly’s New & Legacy Equipment. Preserve your investment in current and legacy tech with the Poly DA85. Not only does this digital adapter include USB-A and USB-C access right on the cable, it is also backwards compatible with all your new and legacy Poly headsets and accessories.



Work Teams Like A Boss

Giving You The Full, Certified Microsoft Teams Experience. Get the most out of Teams with pro-level access and a dedicated Teams button with the Poly DA85-M. Bring it to front of the screen instantly to find an internal expert for rapid support on customer calls. You’ll easily join internal Teams meetings and quickly access missed call, voicemail and calendar notifications.



Peak User Experience – Completely Optimized

Better Audio Quality, Durability, Even User-Friendliness. Call clarity isn’t just a dream. Poly DA Series offers intelligent headset recognition that dynamically tunes audio performance to your headset. Utilize clearly-displayed recessed hold or call answer buttons on the DA85, which also offers a useful single audio/video hold button.


وحدة SKU: 218268-01
    • Recessed buttons so you don’t press them accidentally
    • Improved cable durability to enable portability
    • Single button enables you to mute audio and visual communications quickly and easily
    • USB-A and USB-C on the same cable
    • Intelligent headset recognition
    • Works with any Poly QD adapter for unlimited compatibility
    • SoundGuard Digital to protect users hearing
    • Weight: 30g / 0.06lb
    • Cable Length: 51.2 in

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