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EncorePro 300 Series Headset – FIND THE SWEET SPOT


Poly EncorePro 310-QD headset gives your business a great first impression for customer support. Give teams everything they need to shine, in a headset that hits the sweet spot between quality and affordability. The EncorePro 310-QD wired office headset offers all-day comfort with total reliability. Acoustic protection and voice optimization. Noise cancelling so customers hear clearly and exceptional value. The Poly EncorePro 310-QD is good for workers, callers and your bottom line. Make the most of every call – and your investment.




Give your teams and customers the outstanding audio you expect from Poly, with a flexible noise cancelling microphone to tune out background buzz and chatty neighbors.




With the Poly EncorePro 320-QD headset, better understanding leads to better outcomes, and happier customers. That’s why we use voice-optimized frequency response to make conversations clearer – and more accurate.




Your call teams work hard. Give them what they need to perform at their best. Smart features, total reliability and proven durability with Quick Disconnect (QD) tested for over 30,000 cycles.


Poly EncorePro 310-QD Headset Features:


  • Flexible microphone boom
  • SoundGuard acoustic limiting technology
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Soft, replaceable ear cushions and lightweight design
  • Voice-optimized frequency response
  • Fold flat earpieces
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • SKU: 214572-01 (Also EP310 & EncorePro 300 series)

EncorePro 310; EP310 QD

وحدة SKU: 214572-01
    • SLR: +10 ±4 dB
    • Frequency Response: 200Hz to 6.8kHz
    • Microphone: 4 mm unidirectional noise cancelling microphone
    • RLR: 0dB ± 4 dB
    • Frequency Response (Dynamically Switches): 200Hz to 6.8kHz telecom mode; 50Hz to 8kHz multimedia mode
    • Maximum Acoustic Output: <118 dBSPL A-weighted
    • Driver Diameter: 28 mm
    • Driver Impedance (OHM): 32 Ohm
    • Ear Cushion Material: User replaceable foam on fold flat receivers

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