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Poly Studio R30 Small Room Kit

Smart video conferencing system for small rooms


In the digital age and new technologies, Poly, one of the leading manufacturers in the conferencing solutions market, presents an audiovisual solution capable of making your remote meetings more captivating than ever. Consisting of a Poly Studio R30 bar and a Poly GC8 tablet, the Poly Studio kit is designed for use exclusively in small huddle rooms or personal huddle rooms.


Quick and easy connectivity


This video conferencing system for Microsoft Teams remains a BYOD solution that requires the use of a PC to function optimally. To set up an autonomous space, it is essential to complement your solution with a NUC, a mini PC capable of connecting all your devices independently.

It is easy to deploy, configure, manage updates, and customize your devices with Poly Lens software. A true remote adjustment interface, this platform allows you to adjust your camera in real-time and gain valuable usage information, while the available Wi-Fi connection allows you to manage your Studio R30 at any time, even when it's not physically connected to your camera. your PC.


Audiovisual properties that make the difference


Powered by artificial intelligence, the Studio R30 optimizes the meeting experience with a 4K UHD sensor capable of capturing extraordinary video. Built-in PTZ pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities add more depth to your virtual meetings. The 120° field of view and 5x electronic zoom, combined with the automatic framing and tracking capabilities of AI Poly Director technology, put each participant at the center of the meeting for a consistent experience for all.

Crystal clear audio

With its 3-microphone beamforming array, the Poly Studio R30 provides exceptional audio clarity for your remote discussions. Harness unprecedented speaker power to hear every speaker in rich detail, and optimize your experience with Poly Acoustic ClarityPoly Acoustic Fence, and Poly NoiseBlock AI. These three modules provide advanced acoustic echo cancellation and automatic background noise cancellation for the cleanest sound.

High-quality resolution

At the heart of your video conferencing setup, the Poly tablet is truly your remote for remote management. With its 8" LCD touch screen and Full HD resolution, you can easily adjust the audiovisual settings of your Poly camera. It also allows you to join a meeting with one click, and supports the possibility of sharing the screen from the computer; connect the two elements using the available HDMI cable.


وحدة SKU: 7230-87600-102
    • Video conferencing solution including a Poly Studio R30 and a GC8 tablet
    • Ideal for small meeting rooms (4-6 people)
    • BYOD package: requires a PC to run (intelligence not integrated)
    • Can be paired with a Dell Optiplex 7080 XE NUC to become a stand-alone dedicated Microsoft Teams Rooms system.
    • PTZ camera with 4K UHD sensor
    • Improved meeting experience: true color reproduction + low light compensation
    • AI controlled: auto pan, tilt, and zoom (manually adjustable via Poly Lens app)
    • 120° diagonal field of view and up to 5X electronic zoom
    • Poly DirectorAI: automatic framing of participants; speaker tracking and talk mode
    • High-definition audio transmission: integrated 3-microphone beamforming array
    • Poly Acoustic Clarity Technologies; Poly NoiseBlock AI and Poly Acoustic Fence: advanced acoustic echo suppression and background noise cancellation
    • Remotely manageable with Poly Lens Cloud software
    • Touch screen controller with 8" LCD.
    • Full HD resolution with color screen
    • Simplified management of your video conferences
    • It allows you to join your meetings with a single click and easily manage your team settings
    • Available HDMI port for screen sharing
    • 1-year manufacturer warranty

    Room Kit Overview

    Includes Poly Studio R30 USB video bar.

    • 120-degree wide-angle camera and powerful speaker to fill a small room.
    • Poly DirectorAI with the group and speaker framing.
    • Room-filling speaker and noise-blocking technologies.


    • Poly Small Room Kit
    • Poly PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms

    Room Size

    • Small Room (3-5 people)

    Conferencing Camera

    • Poly Studio R30

    Camera Specifications

    • 120° FOV
    • UHD 2160p (4K) capture resolution
    • 5x Zoom/EPTZ
    • Poly DirectorAI camera framing (speaker/group)


    • Poly Studio R30 integrated mono speaker
    • Poly NoiseBlockAI technology
    • Poly Acoustic Fence technology"


    • 3-element beamforming microphone array
    • 15 ft/4.5m pickup range

    Touch Controller

    • Poly GC8


    • 10 m fiber optic USB cable


    • 1-year warranty, parts, and labor
    • Poly+ Service available for premium support features