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Noisy workspace? No problem. Invest in getting more done with the Savi
8200 Office and UC Series headsets. Tune out nearby noise and keep every
conversation secure, private, and clear with close conversation limiting noise
cancellation. Give your employees the freedom to roam plus long talk time—
the unique hot swappable battery option even makes it unlimited.* With multiple
wearing styles, you can let every member of your team pick their favorite or keep
their options open with the convertible model. Wherever you work, the Savi
8200 Office and UC Series helps you be at your best all day long.

• Choice of wearing styles, including the 3-in-1 convertible options (Savi 8240/8245)
• Line of sight range up to 590 feet/180 meters
• Up to 13 hours talk time with over-the-head (OTH) models (Savi 8210/8220)
• Up to 7 hours talk time (Savi 8240) or unlimited talk time with the Savi 8245 model

Savi 8240 Office, S8240-M CDM USB-A, CONVERTIBLE, DECT, EMEA

SKU: 211819-02
  • • Up to 13 hours talk
    - Up to 50 hours standby (Savi 8210 and
    Savi 8220)
    • Up to 7 hours talk
    - Up to 30 hours standby (Savi 8240)
    • Unlimited talk and standby (Savi 8245)