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GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020, showcasing the human spirit

Updated: Jul 14, 2023


A Live In-person event during the pandemic? Was it even possible? Dates were announced, processes were put in. But the doubters continued to keep their fingers crossed. But not the GITEX organizers, not the UAE Govt, not the Dubai Authorities. They made it happen, without compromising the safety & health guidelines.

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020

Our first credit goes to the GITEX Organizers, the DWTC team, amazingly planned event. The safety measures were impeccable and with repeat audits there was so much reassurance for the exhibitors and visitors. There was great ground level support for all the technology and administrative needs. And with all these restrictions in place, still there were ground events, fun and infotainment.

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020


We thank POLY the brand that made the voice of the "First Man on the Moon". We thank especially the Poly EMEA team, who believed in us, their Regional Distributor, to represent them in this prestigious event. And amazing engagement from their team on the ground and great proactive support.

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020


2020 was a year of many firsts, and that included kids running into your online meetings, with most uttered words of 2020 being "You are on mute", the GITEX 2020 presented a unique opportunity for our team to network, listen & meet with our partners and customers in-person, and under safe circumstances. And you know what happened, WE JUMPED AT IT !

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020

The new products launched from Poly , SYNC Speakerphone series, & Polys Microsoft Teams Room devices, were on display at the stand. And personal & team collaboration devices were a major attraction as work from home, and hybrid office were clearly going to stay for long.

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020

With Video Collaboration becoming critical to multiple industries like healthcare, education and even the front line workers of the government. So then it was no surprise that there were many government authorities checking the Poly collaboration products.

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020

Each and every team member literally had the opportunity to engage and showcase the solutions in demand. Here we leave you with snapshots of our team's interactions.

GITEX Dubai: An event to remember in 2020

With a proactive and customer focused Al Zubair team, the task of running this unique event became simple & efficient.

CHEERS AL ZUBAIR Team ! Lets pat our backs !

With the pandemic still lingering around us, and safety headlines all over the place, it is the human spirit that made GITEX 2020 event happen. GITEX is truly a great parting gift of the year 2020.

We look forward to seeing you all next year in October 2021. Until next time - Stay Safe!

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