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Education Solutions by Yealink | Connecting students, faculty, and staff for improved learning

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In the post-epidemic period, conditions like segregation laws, geographic limitations, and time restraints will transform teaching, learning, and school administration, making remote collaboration and distant learning still be crucial.

Education Solutions by Yealink

Empower Collaboration and Communication

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions allow academic institutions to link with students and global communities in various scenarios, unleashing the creativity of virtual education through intuitive video experiences.

Scenarios for Educational Video Conferencing

1. Hybrid Training Rooms with MVC960+UVC30

Maintain Interest Among All

In an extremely big space, the MVC960's multi-camera system and Auto Framing eliminate all blind spots and frame every person in the greatest possible view.

  • Presenters are always in the centre of the view thanks to Presenter Tracking, another feature supported by MVC960. Remote students could have an equivalent learning experience to that offered in the classroom.

  • The UVC30, a special content camera, records the whiteboard and shows it on the screen in real time.

Keep Everything Simple

With MCore, one CAT5e cable is all that is required for endpoint connection, data transmission, and power supply, effectively reducing deployment time and labour costs.

Education Solutions by Yealink

2. For Remote Classrooms, A20+CTP18

Unrestricted Interaction with Teachers

With its 133° super wide-angle lens and AI technology, the A20 automatically tracks speakers and frames them in a close-up in real-time, allowing teachers to freely use body language to create a vivid classroom experience.

Immersive Learning Environment

A20's Enhanced AI Noise Cancellation reduces interference from the environment, such as crying children or keyboard tapping, to provide students with crystal-clear and impactful sound.

Simple IT Involvement

The A20 is an all-in-one design that combines cameras, microphones, and speakers into a single device, reducing the time and labour costs associated with IT involvement.

Education Solutions by Yealink A20

3. MVC640 for Administrative Meeting Rooms

Smooth Multi-Party Experience

Empowered with 12x optical zoom and Auto Framing, MVC640 captures the optimal view of everyone, giving all stakeholders captivating visuals.

Productive Conference Communication
  • Yealink WPP20, a unique USB presentation pod, provides one-click content-sharing, saving more time for idea collision.

  • Working with MSpeech, MVC640 offers intelligent features like voice transcription and real-time translation for more effective communication.

Education Solutions by Yealink Demo Banner

Convenient Multi-End Participation

With the built-in native Microsoft Teams application, users could join conferences with one touch from PC, mobile or room terminals. Organizers can also simply chat to the Cortana Voice Assistant to arrange meetings and invite participants.

Education Solutions by Yealink UVC84, MT touch 11 Mspeech, Mcore Mini-pc

4. USB Products for Personal Study Rooms

Enhanced Study Engagement
  • UVC20 with Smart Light* automatically recognizes and optimizes the image in low light or backlit conditions. Students at home would be perceived as involved in the real class.

  • UH38's dual microphone noise cancellation and Acoustic Shield Technology can effectively block out background noise, allowing smooth communication with teachers and peers.

Improved Learning Efficiency
  • UH38 grants dual USB/Bluetooth connectivity and seamless PC/mobile device switching, improving processing efficiency.

  • Both UH38 and UVC20 are plug-and-play to work with mainstream VC platforms, which lets students more focus on learning instead of equipment operations.

Education Solutions by Yealink UH38, UVC20

Why Choose Yealink for Education?

  • Premium Device Quality

Yealink solution delivers lO8OPIfull HD interactive experiences that recreate the visual and auditory environment of the classroom. Yealink also provides simple setup functions and a us er-friendly interface that enables low installation efforts and study costs.

  • One-Stop Solution

Yealink offers a comprehensive product portfolio to meet the needs of various educational scenarios. Numerous customization options are available to cater to rooms of different sizes and layouts. Save time and resources by simplifying the sourcing process and experiencing our best warranties.

  • Seamless Integration

The Yealink devices are compatible with mainstream VC platforms and terminals such as Teams, Skype, Zoom, and Yealink Meeting. The seamless integration with your existing devices will be a great time- & money-saving for deployment and cross-platform communication.

  • Strong Interactivity

Yealink assistive devices help make teaching and learning more interactive. Educators and students can connect and share content simultaneously and use the customized touch console to facilitate online arrangements and give instructions for more convenient and productive remote teaching and learning.

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For sales enquiries:

Call/ WhatsApp :+971 524177286


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