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Lets you hear and be heard- THE NEW POLY SYNC 10

Updated: Jul 14, 2023


Over the past two years, we’ve made do – working on the kitchen table, making calls with the microphone and speakers on a laptop, and yes, telling people they are on mute…

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We've reached a stage where "make do" options for home and hybrid working are no longer enough. It's time to think about how you'll set up a specific working area at home, either for long-term home working or for days when you're at home as part of a hybrid working style.

The ideal technology for home working that delivers this has three attributes:

  • Hear and be heard

  • It is simple and easy to use

  • Matches your workstyle

  • Gets better with updates

Poly’s new Sync 10 delivers on all these challenges.

Clear audio delivers enterprise-grade acoustics in a compact design, turning your home workspace into an impromptu conference room. A two-microphone steerable array works in the background to ensure conversations focus on your voice and not the background noise. Audio is further enhanced with full-duplex audio for simultaneous conversation flow to ensure you don’t miss a word.

The Sync 10 gives you everything you need in a speakerphone, and nothing you don’t. Easy to use touch-sensitive controls with clear LED indicators help you control calls and ensure your speech will have an impact. It works with all major communication and collaboration applications and is certified by Microsoft and Zoom so you know it will just work when plugged in. It’s USB powered so you have no concerns about battery life. And you are keeping hydrated, aren’t you? Don’t worry…. the Sync 10 can get hydrated as well. If you spill your water or coffee on it, it’s IP64 dust and waterproof.

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Working from home gives you the option to start and end your day differently – music, a podcast, a webinar? No problem with the Sync 10 as it has a Hi-Fi quality music speaker and power amplifier, so it serves as a portable speakerphone and high-performance music speaker in one. The Sync 10 is also ready for any future technology updates as it comes with USB-A and USB-C connectors and can be updated with new software via the Poly Lens Companion app. And if you feel the urge to get into the office, the Sync 10 is small and light enough to fit into your bag when you need to travel.

The Sync 10 is an ideal product for individual home workers looking to enhance how they work at home. For IT departments it’s also a great complement to the existing Poly Sync family and provides more choices for devices optimized for different workspaces with a consistent interface across all devices.

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