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Logitech Rally Bar - A Game-Changer for Midsize to Large Meeting Rooms

In the dynamic world of professional collaboration, the Logitech Rally Bar stands out as a beacon of innovation. Designed for midsize meeting rooms with expandability for larger setups, the Rally Bar redefines the video conferencing experience. From its sleek, all-in-one design to its cutting-edge audio and video capabilities, Rally Bar is the go-to solution for organizations aiming to enhance their virtual meeting spaces.

Logitech Rally Bar - A Game-Changer for Midsize to Large Meeting Rooms

All-in-One Brilliance: A Closer Look at Logitech Rally Bar

1. Cinematic Quality

Rally Bar boasts a multi-element lens assembly, powerful low-distortion speakers, and an advanced mic system, ensuring your meetings sound as good as they look. Experience cinema-quality video and audio that replicates face-to-face collaboration seamlessly.

2. Simple Deployment

Rally Bar takes simplicity to the next level with a USB Plug and Play feature, making it compatible with virtually any PC or Mac. The built-in compute allows you to run supported video conferencing applications directly on the device, eliminating the need for additional software.

3. RightSense Technologies

Rally Bar incorporates advanced technologies such as RightSight, RightLight, and RightSound. RightSight auto-framing ensures the active speaker is in focus, while RightLight intelligently adjusts video settings in all lighting conditions. RightSound utilizes AI-driven voice leveling and noise suppression for crystal-clear audio.

4. Intelligent Camera Capabilities

The AI Viewfinder keeps the camera focused on the action, providing a dynamic and engaging visual experience. The camera's motorized lens covers a wide 130° by 80° area, and the Ultra-HD video capabilities deliver exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up to 4K.

5. Seamless Integration

Rally Bar seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The One-Touch Join option allows quick initiation of meetings, and Logitech Sync provides a single platform for monitoring room health, deploying updates at scale, and gaining insights into room occupancy.

6. Expandable Coverage

Rally Bar is expansion-ready, allowing you to add up to four Rally mic pods for even greater coverage in larger settings. This ensures that every participant, no matter where they are seated, can actively engage in the conversation.

7. Partner Dashboard Support

The device is fully integrated with partner solutions, offering a simplified device management experience. With Rally Bar, your organization can harness the power of collaboration without compromising on simplicity or efficiency.

Logitech Rally Bar - A Game-Changer for Midsize to Large Meeting Rooms

Maximum Pickup Range and Expandability

Out of the box, the Rally Bar boasts an impressive mic pickup range of up to 23 ft (7 m). This range can be significantly extended by adding up to four Mic Pods, making Rally Bar a versatile solution adaptable to various room sizes. With the ability to daisy-chain up to seven Rally Mic Pods, the system ensures comprehensive audio coverage for larger meeting spaces.

Integrated Technology for Seamless Meetings

Rally Bar features a sophisticated multi-element lens assembly, powerful low distortion speakers, and an advanced mic system, delivering a meeting experience that is both visually and aurally outstanding. The dedicated AI camera enhances the RightSight auto-framing feature, ensuring that the active speaker takes center stage. Additionally, the AI camera provides insights about room usage directly to the Logitech Sync dashboard, offering valuable analytics for room management.

No Computer Required

One of the standout features of the Rally Bar is its integrated compute system. This means that, out of the box, Rally Bar does not require a separate computer to operate. The compute system is built into the device, streamlining the setup process and eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Setting up the Logitech Rally Bar is a straightforward process:

  1. Connect the hardware.

  2. Optionally, connect a keyboard and mouse.

  3. Power on the Meet Compute System.

  4. Enroll the Meet Compute System.

  5. Set up Meet devices.

  6. Optionally configure RightSight 2.

  7. Disconnect the keyboard and mouse.

With these simple steps, your Rally Bar is ready to redefine your video conferencing experience.

Appliance Mode for Enhanced Flexibility

Rally Bar offers an Appliance Mode, allowing you to run supported video conferencing applications such as Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms directly on the device. This mode eliminates the need for an external computer, simplifying the setup process. Connect Rally Bar to your monitor, configure it using the Logitech Tap touch controller, and you're ready to go.

Auto Tracking Control

Rally Bar comes equipped with auto-tracking capabilities. To turn off the auto-tracking feature, simply set the desired position as the default or home position by holding down the home button for about 15 seconds. This ensures that the camera returns to the specified position without auto tracking.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Meetings with Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Bar is more than just a video conferencing device; it's a game-changer for modern workplaces. From its sleek design to its powerful features, Rally Bar brings a new level of sophistication to virtual collaboration. Upgrade your meeting rooms with Rally Bar and experience meetings that are not just virtual but virtually perfect.


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