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Neat Bar: Revolutionizing Video Collaboration for Medium Rooms

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

In today's fast-paced business environment, effective communication and collaboration are crucial for success. With the increasing trend of remote work and virtual meetings, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance video collaboration experiences. Neat Bar, an all-in-one video collaboration bar designed specifically for medium-sized rooms, emerges as a game-changer in the industry. In this blog post, we will explore the exceptional features and benefits of Neat Bar and how it elevates the video conferencing experience.

Neat Bar

Packs a punch

Neat Bar is a simple and elegant, compactly designed yet highly capable meeting room device for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It's perfect for bringing superior-quality audio and video to your meeting, huddle or focus rooms for up to ten people. You can mount Neat Bar above or below one or two monitors, and it comes with Neat Pad, our dynamic touch screen, which you can use to control your meetings or display room availability outside the room.

Simple set-up

Neat Bar

Everything you need to connect Neat Bar to your TV or monitor is in the box, so it's easy for anyone to install and set up. Just plug in the cables, and Neat Bar will auto-pair with Neat Pad. What's more, because Neat Bar and Neat Pad have auto flip, they instantly realign your view, regardless of how you mount or position them.

Just works

Neat Bar self-activates the moment you walk in the room, immediately turning on your meeting room monitor and checking you into the room. Then with just one tap, you can wirelessly share your screen or start your meeting. It also instinctively frames you perfectly and auto releases the room when you leave(*).

* Auto check-in and release is not yet supported by Microsoft Teams

Snap it on

Our snap-on mount is custom made for Neat Bar to fit snugly on top of smaller screens or monitors. The mount attaches to your screen or monitor's back with adhesive tape and is suitable for any display.

Neat Bar


1. Compact and highly capable

Neat Bar packs a punch with carefully designed technology components in a compact form factor that simply fits your meeting space needs.

2. No need for a dedicated PC

Integrated high performance chip for accelerated high quality audio and video processing.

3. The system wakes up and is ready the second you walk in the room. It automatically reserves and releases the room.

Acoustic ultrasonic sensor system detects the presence of people in the room.

4. Reliable pairing

Neat Bar gives you unfailing one-click, wireless sharing or proximity join for Zoom or Microsoft Teams, with integrated Bluetooth support and a wide-angle ultrasonic tweeter that fills all corners of the room.

5. Natural engagement

Brilliantly capturing the entire room and zooming in on people, Neat Bar has a custom-selected highly dynamic 4K wide-angle camera with an ambient light sensor that smartly adapts to changing lighting conditions.

6. Enhances your voice, suppresses noise.

Five microphones angled in an end-fire array plus three sensor mics enables advanced differential beamforming to optimize audio pickup within camera view.

7. Superior sound with clear voice audio

Innovative speakerbox design that maximizes tonal range while minimizing distortion. Opposing speaker drivers cancel vibration to ensure a stable image, with a dedicated tweeter for high fidelity sound.

8. Dual device

Neat Pad has an optimal screen angle for easy viewing and interaction. Whether it's placed on a table or wall to control your meetings or display room availability outside the room, its slimline design enables it to fit anywhere.

Neat Bar


neat bar

In today's digitally driven world, Neat Bar stands out as an exceptional solution for medium-sized meeting rooms. With its sleek design, powerful performance, user-friendly interface, and advanced AI features, Neat Bar elevates the video collaboration experience to new heights. Its seamless integration, flexible deployment options, and strong security measures make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities.



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