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Poly power meets Microsoft Teams | Meetings are radically simple now.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Poly Studio Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms provide a simple, clutter-free user experience with brilliant video and audio features ranging from focus rooms to large boardrooms. All-in-one video bars free up the conference table surface, especially in smaller rooms, while the tabletop touch controller uses a single cable to connect to the dedicated collaboration PC securely stowed in the cabinet or on the wall.

Poly power meets Microsoft Teams

With more companies preparing for a return to office in some capacity (full-time, hybrid), deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms into meeting spaces has seen a huge boom as a way to allow workers to effectively communicate with dispersed teams. As a longtime Microsoft strategic alliance partner with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of certified solutions, it should come as no surprise that Poly offers a full portfolio of Teams Rooms Kits on Windows, optimized for meeting spaces of all sizes from focus rooms to large conference rooms.

The conference room's physical distances are equalised using Poly A.I.-driven technologies like Poly DirectorAI, which also uses automatic camera framing to make sure that everyone can clearly see one another. Your speech will always be clearly audible thanks to audio advancements such Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology that automatically block out background noises from both inside and outside the room.

Poly power meets Microsoft Teams


We offer MTR Room Kits for meeting rooms of all sizes, even though the new R30 is specifically designed for small meeting rooms. For medium-sized rooms, the original Poly Studio USB video bar with stereo speakers and expandable microphone support continues to be the best option. Other kit options based on the Poly Studio E70 are available for larger rooms. With the addition of our Small Room Kit, we have a full lineup that can accommodate all types of rooms and their unique requirements.

Still, there's more! Other updates that will simplify deployment and help you get the most out of Microsoft Teams Rooms are on the way.


Sometimes you can tell if you've made your point with a single glance. Because of the need of genuine human connection in business, video is becoming increasingly important in the workplace today. As a result, our Microsoft Teams video collaboration solutions provide unrivalled options for a wide range of requirements. Microsoft Teams Rooms devices, personal USB peripheral solutions, and video interop solutions for legacy devices are among our native Microsoft Teams solutions.

Poly power meets Microsoft Teams


Poly has been collaborating with Microsoft for over 15 years and has a diverse range of devices approved for Microsoft Teams that are available globally, ranging from headsets and speakerphones to video conferencing equipment.

Poly MeetingAI, Poly's sophisticated artificial intelligence-driven technology integrated into Poly Studio Room kits for Microsoft Teams, enables workers in-office, remote, and on-the-go to participate in the most engaging and stress-free virtual meetings. Poly and Microsoft are pleased to collaborate on the development of intelligent hardware and software capabilities that will make all participants feel connected and empowered on every call.


By using this new software, users may take use of smart Poly conferencing cameras that offer different camera framing modes and control a Poly conferencing camera conveniently from a touch controller. The auto-tracking feature can be turned on or off, and users can manually operate the camera or change the auto-framing mode (*group, speaker, and people framing) as needed. In situations like a presentation, brainstorming session, or group discussion, users can test several camera settings to find the one that works best for them at that particular time.


Poly power meets Microsoft Teams

The introduction of a USB 2.0 extender for Poly GC8 makes it easier to install a Teams Room in a large conference room. The USB extender option uses a standard category 5e/6/7 cable to extend the distance between the room PC and the Poly GC8 touch controller up to 100 m/330 ft, which is useful when wiring the cable through raceways in large rooms.


Even if a user receives a video meeting invitation that is not a Teams meeting, they will be able to enjoy professional-grade video and audio quality in the conference room by utilising a new BYOD solution option. Simply connect a USB cord to your laptop on the conference table, and you will be able to select Poly camera, mic, and speaker on your video client right away. Users can then use conference rooms for far broader purposes.


A routine process. full experience working together. alternatives for flexible deployment. Without adding complication, RealConnect makes video interoperability with Microsoft Teams possible. Collaboration becomes more successful and seems more intimate when video is added. Microsoft Teams (or Skype for Business) meetings may easily be connected to your video conferencing systems using RealConnect. Maintain your current workflow, but include visual interop so that attendees can connect using videoconferencing equipment, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and personal clients. It's easy, adaptable, and clever.


  • Pinpoint-accurate speaker framing and professional-quality group framing from Poly DirectorAI technology.

  • Prevent distracting noises and side conversations from interrupting your meetings with Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology.

  • Choice of PCs from world-renowned manufacturers like Lenovo and Dell.

  • All Poly Studio Room Kits are clutterfree and simple to set up.

  • Arrange the conference room to fit your needs with the generous 10m (32.8 ft) USB cable (25m/50m USB cable or category 5e/6/7 USB extender available).


  • Constant support for Microsoft Teams Rooms Poly Studio Room Kits.

  • Pre-paid next-day shipping and advance hardware replacement ensure business continuity

  • By serving as the customer's main point of contact, Ecosystem Cloud Partner Support reduces response times in ecosystem cloud solutions that support Poly.

  • Special savings on expert services might help your business save time and money.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows experience is improved by Poly:

  • For small, medium, and large rooms, Poly Studio Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows are available and use Poly DirectorAI technology. They are simple to obtain and use right out of the box. Customers will be able to manage, monitor, and operate Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows starting in CYQ1 2023 thanks to Poly Lens remote administration and analytics.

  • For every size of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, Poly is the only partner that enables people framing with cutting-edge AI capabilities (people framing is also available with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android for large rooms featuring G7500, and Studio E70 camera).

  • Poly offers the promotional scheme "My First Room," which permits new Microsoft Teams Rooms on.

Poly power meets Microsoft Teams

These are incremental improvements to the Microsoft Teams Rooms offering that merely improve and expand the experience. When it comes to designing and implementing consistent meeting rooms that cater to more hybrid work and meeting equality, these modifications provide significant gains and results.

Poly power meets Microsoft Teams

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