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Professional Headsets: For Crystal and Clear Collaboration

In an age where the lines between office and home are increasingly blurred, the power of effective communication has become the bedrock of successful collaboration. With the ever-evolving landscape of remote work and the demands of a hybrid workforce model, the need for seamless, high-quality communication tools has never been more apparent. This is where professional headsets step into the limelight, serving as the indispensable conduits for crystal clear conversations and uninterrupted productivity.

Poly's versatile headsets

Quality Communication Amplifies Hybrid Productivity

The statistics speak for themselves, with a significant percentage of high-growth companies embracing the "productivity anywhere" ethos. This shift demands not just a physical transition but also a technological one. Professional-grade headsets act as the vanguard, reducing ambient distractions, enhancing focus, and fostering seamless team collaboration. They serve as the invisible yet essential link that binds the dispersed workforce into a cohesive unit.

Professional Headsets means Uncompromising Audio Clarity

Through cutting-edge features like Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and Acoustic Fence technology, professional headsets create a sanctuary for meaningful communication amidst the chaos. They obliterate the intrusion of unwanted background noises, ensuring that every word is heard and understood, no matter the environment.

Seamless Integration for the Modern Workspace

The modern work landscape demands adaptability. With seamless integration across various Unified Communication (UC) platforms, professional headsets act as the universal translators of the virtual domain. Whether it's Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, or any other platform, these headsets seamlessly bridge the gap, fostering a unified experience for all.

Beyond the Confines of the Traditional Workplace

Work is no longer confined within the four walls of an office. It thrives in the dynamic environments of homes, cafes, and on-the-go scenarios. Portable, user-friendly, and with enduring battery life, professional headsets become the reliable companions that empower productivity in any setting, enabling employees to stay connected and focused regardless of their location.

Streamlining Remote Management

The challenges of managing a dispersed workforce are not overlooked. Professional headsets, equipped with robust remote management solutions, ensure streamlined device management, seamless inventory tracking, and swift troubleshooting. They become the cornerstone of efficient IT operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Voyager Bluetooth Headsets

Voyager Bluetooth Headsets/Headphones

Move freely and communicate clearly with our wireless Bluetooth headsets, meticulously crafted to support your agile workstyle. Key features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones and computers, ensuring seamless transitions between devices.

  • Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology, enabling users to concentrate even in bustling environments.

  • Pro-grade sound quality for crystal clear communication, regardless of your location.

There are several Voyager headsets in the Poly product lineup. Here is a list of the Voyager headsets:

  1. Voyager Surround 80 Series - Stereo Bluetooth Headsets

  2. Poly Voyager Free 60 Series - True Wireless Earbuds for Work and Life

  3. Voyager Focus 2 - Stereo Bluetooth Headset

  4. Voyager Focus UC - Stereo Bluetooth Headset

  5. Voyager 8200 UC - Bluetooth Stereo Headset

  6. Voyager 6200 UC - Bluetooth Neckband Headset

  7. Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series - Mono Bluetooth Headset System

  8. Voyager 5200 - Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earpiece

  9. Voyager 4300 UC Series - Bluetooth Office Headset

  10. Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series - Bluetooth Office Headset

These various models cater to different needs and preferences, offering a diverse range of features and functionalities. Whether you're looking for neckband headsets, earpieces, stereo or mono Bluetooth headsets, the Voyager series seems to have a versatile selection for various working environments and requirements.

Poly Voyager Free 60 Series

Blackwire Premium USB Headsets

Simplify your productivity with our wired headsets, engineered to minimize distractions and elevate your communication experience. Key features include:

  • Easy plug-in USB connection for hassle-free setup and usage.

  • Advanced noise cancellation capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted conversations on both ends of the call.

  • Premium sound quality that fosters productive and impactful discussions.

There are four different Blackwire headset series in the Poly product lineup:

  1. Blackwire 8225 - Premium Corded UC Headset

  2. Blackwire 5200 Series - Corded USB Headset

  3. Blackwire 3300 Series - Corded UC Headset

  4. Blackwire 3200 Series - Corded UC Headset

Each series offers a range of features and options to cater to different needs and preferences in terms of connectivity, comfort, and audio quality. These headsets are designed to enhance productivity and provide options for various use cases.

Blackwire Premium USB Headsets

Savi wireless DECT™ Headsets

Optimized for the demands of the office environment, wireless DECT™ headsets offer unparalleled freedom and security for your critical conversations. Key features include:

  • Extended wireless range, granting you the ultimate freedom to move around your workspace.

  • Enhanced security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality of your crucial discussions.

  • Noise canceling technology and superior audio clarity, promoting effective collaboration and seamless communication within your team.

There are six different Savi headset series in the Poly product lineup:

  1. Savi 8400 Office Series - Wireless DECT™ Headset System

  2. Savi 7400 Office Series - Wireless DECT™ Headset System

  3. Savi 7300 UC Series - USB Headset with DECT™ Wireless Technology

  4. Savi 7300 Office Series - Ultra-Secure Wireless DECT™ Headset System

  5. Savi 8200 UC - Wireless USB DECT™ Headsets

  6. Savi 8200 Office - Wireless DECT™ Headset System

These Savi headset series offer a range of features and options to cater to different needs and preferences, whether for office use, wireless connectivity, or enhanced security for sensitive conversations.

Savi wireless DECT™ Headsets

With Poly's versatile headset options, your workforce can transcend the limitations of traditional communication and embrace the boundless potential of collaborative work. Keep your team connected, focused, and ready to conquer any challenge with Poly headsets – the ultimate facilitator of seamless communication in the hybrid work era.

Poly's versatile headset

How Can Poly Help? Our professional headsets are part of the broader ecosystem of communication solutions from Poly and HP. Together, they combine innovation and intuitive design to simplify IT support for hybrid work environments. Embrace the future of work with Poly and experience the difference of professional headsets.

In conclusion, as the world of work continues to evolve, professional headsets emerge as the indispensable enablers of clear communication, seamless collaboration, and uninterrupted productivity. With their technological prowess and adaptability, they serve as the catalysts that propel businesses towards the zenith of success in an ever-changing, dynamic landscape.


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