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Yealink UVC30-Room 4K USB Camera | The Future of Video Conferencing

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective communication and collaboration are more important than ever. With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, having the right video conferencing equipment can make all the difference. One such piece of technology that has been making waves in the world of video conferencing is the Yealink UVC30-Room 4K USB Camera.

Yealink UVC30-Room 4K USB Camera

Smart Framing for Superior Meetings

The Yealink UVC30-Room is a top-of-the-line USB camera specifically designed for small and huddle meeting rooms. It offers a host of features and benefits that make it a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their video conferencing experiences.

Exceptional Image Quality

One of the standout features of the UVC30-Room is its exceptional image quality. With natural color reproduction, smooth video, and incredible detail, this camera takes your video meetings to a whole new level. It supports multiple resolutions, including 4K at 30 frames per second (FPS), 1080P at 30FPS, and 720P at 30FPS, ensuring that it can adapt to different displays and applications seamlessly. The result is a lifelike and immersive meeting experience that leaves no detail overlooked.

Intelligent Auto-Framing

One of the most impressive aspects of the Yealink UVC30-Room is its intelligent auto-framing feature. Using facial detection technology, the camera automatically frames the people in the room correctly and smoothly. This means that you don't need to worry about adjusting the camera during your meetings, as the UVC30-Room does it all for you. This feature not only saves time but also adds a layer of professionalism to your video conferences.

Data Analysis with API

For those who love data-driven insights, the UVC30-Room has an API that allows you to access statistical data about the people in the meeting room. This data can be invaluable for analyzing meeting dynamics and optimizing your collaboration efforts. It's a powerful tool for businesses looking to make data-informed decisions about their meetings.

Expansive Field of View

With a generous 120-degree field of view, the Yealink UVC30-Room ensures that everyone sitting in the room can be seen without any need for position adjustments. This feature is particularly well-suited for smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces where space is limited. It guarantees that all participants are clearly visible, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

Seamless Integration with Leading Platforms

The Yealink UVC30-Room is certified by Microsoft and Zoom, making it a reliable choice for businesses using these popular video conferencing platforms. It offers easy and smooth PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) control through Yealink RoomConnect and Zoom Rooms Camera Control, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Whether you're using Microsoft Teams Rooms systems or Zoom Rooms systems, the UVC30-Room seamlessly integrates as a USB camera.

Flexible Mounting Options

The UVC30-Room is designed with flexibility in mind. It comes with a retractable clip that allows you to mount it wherever it works best for your meeting room setup. Whether you prefer to place it on the top of a monitor, under the monitor, or even on the wall, the UVC30-Room can adapt to your needs.

What is the difference between yealink UVC30 desktop and room?

Yealink offered two different video conferencing cameras: the Yealink UVC30 Desktop and the Yealink UVC30 Room. These cameras are designed for different use cases and have distinct features and specifications:

Yealink UVC30 Room.

1. Yealink UVC30 Desktop:

  • Use Case: The Yealink UVC30 Desktop is primarily designed for individual use at a desk or in a home office setting.

  • Resolution: The resolution of the Yealink UVC30 Desktop camera is typically 1080p at 30 frames per second (FPS), providing clear and high-quality video for personal or small group conferencing.

  • Field of View: The field of view is narrower compared to the room version, focusing on the user or a small group of participants.

  • Mounting: It is designed to sit on a desk or attach to a computer monitor.

2. Yealink UVC30 Room:

  • Use Case: The Yealink UVC30 Room is designed for meeting rooms and huddle spaces, accommodating larger groups and broader conferencing scenarios.

  • Resolution: The Yealink UVC30 Room typically offers 4K resolution, providing ultra-high-definition video quality for larger meeting rooms.

  • Field of View: It comes with a wider field of view, often around 120 degrees diagonal, which is suitable for capturing all participants in a meeting room without the need for constant adjustments.

  • Mounting: It may come with flexible mounting options, allowing it to be placed on a wall or on top of a display.

Tech Specs for the Yealink UVC30-Room 4K USB Camera

  • Camera Specifications:

    • Diagonal Field of View: 120° front of the room

    • Resolution: 4K

    • Auto Framing: Automatic People Framing

  • Included in the Box:

    • UVC30 Room camera

    • USB 2.0 cable (3 meters/9.8 feet)

    • Flexible clip

    • Camera lens privacy cover

    • Documentation

  • Wired Connectivity:

    • USB Type: USB 2.0

  • Product Weight:

    • 6.3 Ounces (180 grams)

  • Dimensions:

    • 59 x 45 Millimeters

  • Cable Length:

    • 9.8 Feet (3 meters) USB 2.0 cable

  • Warranty:

    • 2-Year Limited Manufacturer Hardware Warranty

These technical specifications provide a comprehensive overview of the Yealink UVC30-Room 4K USB Camera, including its camera capabilities, included accessories, connectivity options, physical dimensions, and warranty coverage. This information is crucial for potential buyers and users to understand the camera's capabilities and compatibility with their meeting room setup.

What is the resolution of the Yealink camera?

  1. 1080p (Full HD): Many Yealink cameras offer a resolution of 1080p, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This resolution provides clear and high-quality video for video conferencing and is suitable for most standard meeting room setups and individual use.

  2. 4K (Ultra HD): Some advanced Yealink cameras, especially those designed for larger meeting rooms and professional conferencing solutions, offer 4K resolution. 4K resolution is significantly higher than 1080p, providing ultra-high-definition video quality with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

In conclusion, the Yealink UVC30-Room 4K USB Camera is a game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their video conferencing experiences. With superb image quality, intelligent auto-framing, expansive field of view, seamless integration with popular platforms, and flexible mounting options, it's a versatile and powerful tool for modern meetings. Upgrade your meeting room technology with the Yealink UVC30-Room and experience the future of video conferencing.


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