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GITEX Dubai 2023: Dates, Highlights, and Must-Attend Events

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

GITEX Dubai 2023 is just around the corner, and tech enthusiasts worldwide are gearing up for this monumental event. Building upon the success of the 2022 edition, GITEX Global is all set to mark its 43rd comeback in Dubai this year. This gathering promises to bring together industry leaders, brilliant minds, and innovators from across the globe, all set to drive advancements in business, economy, society, and culture through the transformative power of innovation. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about GITEX Dubai 2023.

Gitex 2023 : Dates, place and time

GITEX GLOBAL, the world's premier tech showcase, is expanding its reach even further. We are excited to introduce two new co-located events: GITEX IMPACT and Future Urbanism, as part of our mission to empower and connect tech communities worldwide.

With a total of 10 co-located events, GITEX GLOBAL offers a diverse array of hyper-targeted audiences. From AI to Cybersecurity, Telecoms, Mobility, Sustainability tech, and beyond, you'll have the chance to connect with trade buyers from around the world seeking innovative solutions and collaboration opportunities. Join us in this global tech extravaganza!

What is the GITEX Dubai 2023?

The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, better known as GITEX, is an annual technology trade show and conference hosted in Dubai. While it features an array of dazzling exhibits, including computers, robots, supercars, and the latest smartphones, it's important to note that this event is not a shopping extravaganza. Instead, GITEX serves as a platform for the public and tech professionals to witness the world's most futuristic inventions and gain insights into the latest tech trends.

GITEX Dubai 2023: Dates and Venue

GITEX Dubai 2023 will be hosted at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre, a renowned hub for global events and business activities.

Event Date: GITEX Global 2023 will run for five days, from October 16th to 20th.

Venue: The event will take place at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), a world-class venue renowned for hosting large-scale international conferences and exhibitions throughout the year in Dubai.

Event Highlights: GITEX Global 2023 promises a dynamic schedule, featuring:

  • Keynote speeches delivered by influential figures in the tech industry.

  • Engaging panel discussions.

  • Exciting product launches.

  • Interactive workshops.

  • Abundant networking opportunities.

Exhibitors: Over 4,500 exhibitors representing various tech domains will showcase their innovations. The event anticipates a massive turnout of over 180,000 visitors from more than 140 countries.

Gitex 2023 Dubai

How to Register for GITEX 2023?

To register for GITEX Global 2023, the process is streamlined and can be completed conveniently online through the official GITEX website.

Register for GITEX 2023 online REGISTER

Attendees have the flexibility to choose from various ticket options that suit their preferences, ranging from one-day passes to comprehensive event access. For those seeking FREE passes, it's advisable to periodically check the event's webpage or subscribe to receive notifications for promotional codes. In the meantime, early registration offers complimentary access to Gitex Expand North Star through this provided link.

VIP ticket options are available, offering exclusive perks such as VIP lounge access and priority seating at keynote presentations. To maximize savings, attendees are encouraged to take advantage of early bird discounts by registering promptly. Upon successful registration, e-tickets will be issued, which should be printed and presented at the event. While on-site registration is feasible, pre-registering is recommended to expedite the process and secure the most favorable rates.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete your registration for GITEX Global 2023:

  1. Visit the official GITEX Global 2023 website: The event's website is your primary source for all information regarding the event, and you'll find a prominent "Register Now" button on the homepage.

  2. Select your pass: Choose from a variety of pass options, including Visitor, Conference, VIP, and Student passes. Each pass grants access to different levels of event activities. Pick the pass that aligns with your specific goals for attending.

  3. Provide your details: After selecting your desired pass, you'll be prompted to enter personal and professional information. This typically includes your full name, contact details, professional title, and organizational affiliation. It's crucial to input accurate information as it will be printed on your pass.

  4. Payment: Once you've filled in your details, you'll be directed to the payment page. Multiple payment methods, including credit cards and bank transfers, are usually accepted.

  5. Confirmation: Following a successful payment transaction, you'll receive an email confirmation containing your e-ticket. It's essential to keep this confirmation safe, as you'll need to present it at the event to receive your official badge.

By following these steps, you can easily register for GITEX Global 2023 and ensure your participation in this prestigious event.

What to do in GITEX 2023?

At GITEX 2023, trade visitors will access various captivating events, including exhibitions and conferences like Ai Everything, Global DevSlam, X-Verse, North Star, Fintech Surge, Future Blockchain Summit, and Marketing Mania.

GITEX 2023 is set to offer the developers and coding community a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing together influential ecosystems to drive innovation’s impact on business, economy, society, and culture. With over 5,000 exhibitors from various countries, this global tech startup event will showcase the latest products and services, shaping a new digital universe.

During GITEX GLOBAL 2023, attendees can delve into 14 tracks, each covering essential industry topics like cybersecurity, sustainability, and coding. These tracks include Cybersecurity, Data Economy, Digital Cities X AI, Edtech, Energy, Future Blockchain Summit, Fintech Surge, Future Mobility, Global DevSlam, Healthcare, Marketing Mania, Metaverse/WEB 3.0, North Star Startup, and Telecom & 6G.

The trade fair will offer informative speaker sessions and presentations and various product pavilions, workshops, on-site demonstrations, and business networking areas.

Gitex 2023 Dubai

What to Expect at GITEX 2023?

GITEX 2023 promises an array of captivating events, including exhibitions and conferences that cater to a wide spectrum of interests. Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to:

  • Ai Everything: Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence, exploring its groundbreaking applications across various industries. Witness firsthand how AI is reshaping the future.

  • Global DevSlam: Stay at the forefront of software development and coding techniques. Learn from experts and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  • X-Verse: Engage in visionary discussions about the future of technology and its transformative potential. Gain insights into how emerging technologies are shaping our world.

  • North Star: Discover the guiding lights and emerging trends that are shaping the tech landscape. Uncover the directions in which technology is headed.

  • Fintech Surge: Explore the dynamic world of financial technology and its ongoing evolution. Witness the latest fintech innovations and their impact on the global economy.

  • Future Blockchain Summit: Gain invaluable insights into the future of blockchain technology and its myriad applications across diverse sectors. Understand the potential of blockchain to drive innovation.

  • Marketing Mania: Dive into the ever-evolving world of marketing and the digital revolution that's propelling it forward. Learn how cutting-edge marketing strategies are shaping consumer behavior.

GITEX 2023 is set to offer an unparalleled experience for developers and the coding community. It will bring together influential ecosystems to harness the power of innovation and its impact on business, economy, society, and culture. With over 5,000 exhibitors representing various countries, this global tech startup event will showcase the latest products and services, effectively shaping a new digital universe.

Gitex 2023 Dubai

During GITEX GLOBAL 2023, attendees can immerse themselves in 14 distinct tracks, each covering critical industry topics. These tracks include:

  • Cybersecurity: Explore the latest trends and innovations in cybersecurity to safeguard businesses and individuals in an increasingly digital world.

  • Data Economy: Understand the significance of data in today's economy and how it's transforming industries.

  • Digital Cities X AI: Learn how AI is revolutionizing urban planning and creating smart cities.

  • Edtech: Explore the future of education technology and its role in shaping the learning experience.

  • Energy: Discover sustainable energy solutions and the latest advancements in the energy sector.

  • Future Blockchain Summit: Dive deeper into the potential applications of blockchain technology across various industries.

  • Fintech Surge: Get insights into the evolving landscape of financial technology and its impact on finance and banking.

  • Future Mobility: Explore the latest developments in transportation and mobility solutions.

  • Global DevSlam: Stay updated on software development trends and innovations.

  • Healthcare: Discover how technology is transforming healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

  • Marketing Mania: Explore the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing.

  • Metaverse/WEB 3.0: Gain insights into the emerging metaverse and the future of the internet.

  • North Star Startup: Explore innovations and emerging startups that are poised to make a significant impact.

  • Telecom & 6G: Learn about the future of telecommunications and the evolution to 6G networks.

The trade fair will also feature informative speaker sessions, product pavilions showcasing cutting-edge technology, hands-on workshops, on-site demonstrations, and dedicated business networking areas. This comprehensive approach ensures that attendees can immerse themselves in a holistic tech experience.

What is GITEX 2022?

The 2022 edition of GITEX, held in Dubai, was a resounding success, setting the stage for the tech industry's future. It brought together a multitude of innovative minds and tech enthusiasts from around the world. GITEX 2022 featured cutting-edge exhibits, inspiring keynotes, and insightful conferences that delved into the latest tech trends. Attendees witnessed the future of artificial intelligence, explored groundbreaking fintech solutions, and discovered the transformative power of blockchain technology. This event served as a platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, solidifying GITEX's reputation as a pivotal event in the tech calendar.

What is GITEX 2021?

The 2021 GITEX event was a testament to the resilience of the tech industry in the face of unprecedented challenges. Adapting to the realities of the pandemic, GITEX 2021 showcased the importance of technology in shaping a post-pandemic world. It featured innovative solutions for remote work, cybersecurity, and digital healthcare, reflecting the urgent needs of the times. The event highlighted the strength of the tech community's adaptability and its commitment to driving progress despite adversity. GITEX 2021 served as a reminder of the tech industry's pivotal role in addressing global challenges and ensuring a brighter future through innovation.

For further details on the events, you can visit the official website of GITEX.

Gitex 2023 Dubai

Key Highlights

One of the standout features of GITEX is its diverse range of offerings. The event typically includes:

  1. Exhibitions: GITEX hosts a vast exhibition floor where tech companies, from startups to industry giants, showcase their latest products, services, and innovations. It's a place where attendees can get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology.

  2. Conferences: GITEX features a lineup of conferences and seminars that cover a wide spectrum of topics. Renowned speakers share their insights on trends in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, digital transformation, and more.

  3. Networking Opportunities: With a global audience in attendance, GITEX provides excellent networking opportunities. Professionals can connect, collaborate, and explore potential partnerships.

  4. Startup Showcase: GITEX has a dedicated space for startups, allowing them to present their groundbreaking ideas to a broader audience and potential investors.

GITEX Beyond Technology

While GITEX primarily revolves around technology, it also goes beyond that. It explores how technology impacts various aspects of our lives, from business and society to culture and education. The event demonstrates the transformative power of innovation and its potential to shape the future.

Finding accommodation near GITEX

Dubai offers a variety of accommodation options for GITEX attendees, ranging from luxury to budget-friendly hotels. Many hotels are conveniently located near the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), while areas like Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Sheikh Zayed Road also provide good connectivity to the event venue. GITEX Global 2023 has partnered with some hotels to offer attendee discounts, which can be found on the event's official website. Due to the anticipated high attendance, it's wise to book accommodation well in advance.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

  • Location: Just across the Sheikh Zayed Road from the Dubai World Trade Centre

  • Taxi Rate to DWTC: 15-20 aed (around US$5)

  • rating: 9/10

  • Unique Selling Point: Business-focused hotel with extensive conference facilities, luxurious restaurants such as Zuma, LPM, and direct access to Dubai's best shopping at the Boulevard.

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

  • Location: About 1km from theDubai World Trade Centre

  • Taxi Rate to DWTC: 15-20 aed (around US$5)

  • rating: 8.7/10

  • Unique Selling Point: Renowned for its stunning views of the Burj Khalifa and the Arabian Sea, as well as its elegant Asian-inspired decor.

Conrad Dubai

  • Location: Less than 1km from the Dubai World Trade Centre, on Sheikh Zayed Road

  • Taxi Rate to DWTC: 15-20 aed (around US$5)

  • rating: 8.6/10

  • Unique Selling Point: Stylish, contemporary design but more than that a walking distance from the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre

  • Location: Approximately 1km from the Dubai World Trade Centre

  • Taxi Rate to DWTC: 15-20 aed (around US$5)

  • rating: 8.5/10

  • Unique Selling Point: Lavish rooms and suites with a strong focus on service. It also features an impressive collection of art installations.

The H Dubai

  • Location: Just a few minutes' walk from the Dubai World Trade Centre

  • Taxi Rate to DWTC: 15-20 aed (around US$5)

  • rating: 7.9/10

  • Unique Selling Point: Features an eclectic mix of dining and nightlife experiences, and suites.

Fairmont The Palm

  • Location: The Palm Jumeirah, 20 min from the Dubai World Trade Centre

  • Taxi Rate to DWTC: 50-65 aed (around US$15-17)

  • rating: 7.9/10

  • Unique Selling Point: Set on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the hotel boasts private beach access and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

Armani Hotel Dubai

  • Location: Burj Khalifa, 8 min from the Dubai World Trade Centre, close to the Dubai Mall

  • Taxi Rate to DWTC: 15-20 aed (around US$5)

  • Unique Selling Point: This hotel offers an unparalleled luxury experience in the iconic Burj Khalifa, with interiors designed by Giorgio Armani himself.

Gitex 2023 Dubai


GITEX Dubai 2023 is not merely an event; it's a convergence of ideas, innovations, and opportunities. It provides a glimpse into the future of technology and its potential to reshape our world. Whether you're a tech professional, an entrepreneur, or simply someone with a passion for innovation, GITEX 2023 is an event that should be on your must-attend list. So, mark your calendars for October 16th to October 20th, 2023, and prepare to be part of this transformative experience at the Dubai World Trade Centre. See you there!

What is the aim of GITEX Technology Week?

It is an exhibition, conference, and tradeshow where businesses, people, organizations, and tech experts will meet and do innovations for a better future.

What is GITEX impact?

Region’s premier sourcing event for Sustainability Tech Innovation, ESG Strategies & Services - GITEX IMPACT will help generate incredible momentum, leading up to COP 28 in Dubai. Defining the landscape for Cognitive Urbanism, ESG, Climate Tech, FoodTech, Metaverse, Web 3.0, Crypto and Blockchain.

Who signed the GITEX global MoU?

The MoU was signed by Fahed Salem Al Kayyoomi, Under-Secretary of the DGS, and Sayed Hashish, Country Manager of Microsoft UAE. GITEX GLOBAL this year has been an unprecedented presence from exhibitors, partners & customers. Extremely happy with this experience." Absolutely exceeded our expectations.


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