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GITEX Impact 2023: Explore the Future of Sustainability

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Are you ready to venture into the future of cities and explore the latest sustainable tech innovations? Look no further than Gitex Impact 2023, the region's most inclusive event for sustainable urban development. With a focus on sustainability tech, ESG strategies, and services, GITEX Impact 2023 brings together global experts, leaders, and innovators to shape a greener and more sustainable world.

Gitex Impact 2023

Explore the Key Highlights of GITEX Impact 2023

GITEX Impact 2023 is not just an event; it's a platform for groundbreaking discussions, innovative ideas, and actionable strategies in the field of sustainability. Here are some of the key highlights and forums you can look forward to at GITEX Impact:

Leaders of Impact Summit

Step into the forefront of sustainability as global leaders gather to explore cutting-edge technologies, share ideas, and discuss strategies for climate breakthroughs. This summit is your opportunity to witness thought leaders shaping the future of sustainability, leading up to COP28.

Global Sustainable Investment Forum

Unlock the keys to enabling sustainable finance and pathways to meet the USD 4 trillion investment deficit required to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Explore forward-looking investment models, accounting frameworks, and corporate finance strategies that can drive meaningful change.

Sustainable Finance Scholarships

Invest in your sustainable finance career with scholarships worth AED 300,000. Offered by the London Institute of Banking & Finance in partnership with ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), these scholarships are designed for deserving students and professionals passionate about accelerating their impact in the sustainable finance sector.

Impact in Action Talks

Learn from over 50 pioneering startups who are leading the charge with breakthrough technologies aimed at tackling climate change, influencing corporate sustainability, preserving the environment, and facilitating the transition to net-zero economies. Be inspired by their innovative solutions.

Chief Procurement Officers Forum

Future-proof your procurement decisions by learning from global leaders. Discover pathways to identify and mitigate the environmental impact of your supply chains, overcome supplier risks, and reduce Scope 3 emissions. Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of sustainable procurement.

NetZero Venture Capital

Delve into the impactful role of venture capitalists (VCs) in mitigating climate change. Gain insights into billion-dollar investments, regulatory navigation, startup selection, and how VCs are influencing sustainability across their portfolio companies. Understand how financial powerhouses are driving positive change.

Sustainable Future Cities Forum

Join the world's most influential leaders in cities, urban planning, development, investment, and technology. Together, explore the creation of livable cities for tomorrow, built on sustainable principles. Shape the future of urbanization and its impact on the environment.

The Impact Boardroom

Explore new and transformational strategies to enable sustainable businesses. Participate in thematic closed-door briefings featuring real-world examples and case studies from global leaders in trade, technology, and finance. Gain actionable insights to drive sustainability within your organization.

Planet Labs Workshops

Gain first-hand insights into transforming your corporate sustainability standpoint. From reporting to mitigating greenwashing, these focused workshops, led by industry experts, equip you with the tools and knowledge to make a meaningful impact on corporate sustainability practices.

Young Urban Leaders Forum

Join a unique gathering of young urban developers and city planning champions who are actively fostering the development of sustainable cities. Engage with the next generation of leaders who are shaping the urban landscapes of tomorrow.

GITEX Impact 2023

Get Your Pass Now

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of the sustainable revolution. Get your pass today and secure your spot at GITEX Impact 2023. Whether you're interested in climate solutions, sustainable finance, or the latest advancements in tech, GITEX Impact has something for everyone.

Networking with Global Leaders

Join over 20,000 sustainability and ESG leaders from more than 90 countries for powerful networking opportunities. Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to drive sustainable change together.

Pathways to Sustainable Finance

Learn about innovative investments and discover pathways to sustainable finance. GITEX Impact 2023 is your gateway to understanding how to make a positive impact while securing your financial future.

Future-Proof Your Procurement

Stay ahead of the game by learning from global leaders in procurement. Gain insights into identifying and mitigating environmental impacts in your supply chain and lowering emissions.

About GITEX Impact 2023

GITEX Impact is the largest multistakeholder global technology event for breakthrough innovations in climate, ESG investments, sustainable finance, and public-private partnerships. Proudly co-located with industry-defining events, GITEX Impact offers comprehensive experience that spans various tech ecosystems, including Sustainability Tech, AI, robotics, HealthTech, and more.

Gitex Impact 2023


Capitalizing on the biggest opportunities in sustainability is crucial for a better future. GITEX Impact is your platform to explore, learn, and collaborate with global leaders in sustainability and tech innovation. Join us in making a difference and driving positive change at GITEX Impact 2023.


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