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Why Attend GITEX Global 2023: Uncover the Benefits!

GITEX GLOBAL, the world's largest tech and startup event, has once again taken center stage in the heart of innovation, bringing together visionaries, disruptors, and industry giants. This year's event has expanded to include a second prestigious venue at Dubai Harbour, where the associated show, EXPAND NORTH STAR, converges groundbreaking startups and deep-pocketed investors from all seven continents. With a tech takeover spanning 10 co-located shows across 41 halls and two mega venues, GITEX GLOBAL 2023 promises to be an extraordinary experience in a single ecosystem.

Attend GITEX Global 2023

Exclusive Happenings @ GITEX GLOBAL 2023

As GITEX GLOBAL 2023 takes the tech world by storm, there's more to this spectacular event than meets the eye. Dive into a world of exclusive opportunities, hands-on learning, sustainability initiatives, and groundbreaking challenges that promise to define the future of technology. Here's a glimpse of the exclusive happenings you won't want to miss:

1. Expert-Led Workshops

Over the course of five days, GITEX GLOBAL will host 40+ expert-led workshops, providing you with a unique opportunity to hone your skills. These certified workshops will be conducted by tech innovators and leaders from around the world. Explore workshops like "GENERATIVE AI EXPERT" and many more, where you can develop hands-on expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

2. CSO Business Club

Join the CSO Business Club and gain exclusive access to the world's largest community of sustainability evangelists. With over 300+ global sustainable champions, this is the ideal platform to address strategies, investments, and emissions in the build-up to COP 28. Be part of the conversation and drive sustainability forward.

3. Hackathon

Collaborative innovation takes center stage at GITEX GLOBAL with hackathons involving some of the biggest tech companies worldwide. Join 500+ participants across five challenges as you work towards solving global tech issues. It's a thrilling opportunity to contribute your skills and ideas to make a positive impact on the world.

GITEX GLOBAL with hackathons

4. Expand North Star Supernova Challenge

Prepare for an electrifying showdown at the Expand North Star Supernova Challenge. Cutting-edge startups will compete for a chance to win prizes from 12 different nomination categories and a prize fund of $200,000. Witness the energy, innovation, and brilliance of these startups as they push the boundaries of technology.

5. Angel Sunday

Get ready for an exclusive prelude to GITEX as Angel Sunday opens its doors one day before the main event at Dubai Harbour. Seasoned and aspiring investors are invited to join the world's most astute VCs to spot and invest in the next breakthrough startup. It's your chance to be part of the action and shape the future of tech.

6. Youth X

From 16th to 18th at Dubai Harbour, Youth X invites young innovators and institutions to showcase their talent alongside world-class companies. Be mentored by global industry leaders, participate in live competitions, and share your innovative ideas on stage. It's a platform for the next generation of tech leaders to shine.

7. Pycon MEA Data Science

Don't miss the launch of Pycon MEA Data Science, a conference that aims to build a new open-source data science community in the region. Learn about the integration of LLMs into NLP workflows, the development of data frame libraries, and the integration of DevOps with data science across various platforms. Explore the future of data science and its impact on the tech landscape.

Notable Speakers: A Glimpse of the Minds Behind the Tech Revolution

GITEX GLOBAL 2023 features an impressive lineup of speakers

GITEX GLOBAL 2023 features an impressive lineup of speakers who are at the forefront of technology and innovation. These thought leaders include:


GITEX GLOBAL 2023 promises to be more than just an event; it's a dynamic ecosystem where innovation, learning, sustainability, and collaboration come together to shape the future of technology. Join us for these exclusive happenings and be part of the tech revolution. Your moment is now!



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