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Neat Board: The All-in-One Meeting Room Marvel

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective collaboration is the linchpin of success. Meetings and brainstorming sessions have transcended mere discussion; they have evolved into dynamic environments where ideas flourish and innovation thrives. Enter Neat Board, the ultimate meeting room solution that redefines collaboration.

Neat Board

A Seamless Meeting Room Experience

Neat Board is more than just a device; it's a complete meeting room package that combines simplicity and elegance. At the heart of this innovation is a dazzling 65-inch multi-touch screen that immerses you in a world of possibilities. Its robust audio system and versatile wide-angle camera enhance the way you communicate, transforming every interaction into a memorable experience.

Simplicity Redefined

Setting up your Neat Board is a breeze. With just one cable and flexible mounting options – floor stand, wall mount, or table stand – you can tailor your meeting room to your liking. Neat Board adapts to your space, not the other way around.

Intuitive Functionality

Neat Board responds to your presence. Walk into the room, and it awakens, ready to serve. With a single tap, you can wirelessly share your screen, initiate a meeting, or start annotating. The generous multi-touch screen is perfect for note-taking, brainstorming, and providing instant visual feedback, whether your team is in the room or joining remotely.

Unleash Your Creativity

Neat Board comes with Neat Markers that attach magnetically, making whiteboarding a breeze. The markers offer just the right friction for smooth writing, and since they are passive, there's no need for setup or charging. No idea is left behind with the infinite canvas, allowing your team to brainstorm, organize, and restructure ideas, even when miles apart.

The Total Package

Neat Board reimagines the meeting room experience by packing the power of Zoom or Microsoft Teams into an elegant all-in-one design. Plug in the power cable, and you're ready to collaborate seamlessly.


A Crystal-Clear Display

The immersive 4K 65" LED screen boasts wide-angle viewing and stunning brightness, ensuring everyone in the room can read presentations and see facial expressions. The capacitive multi-touch display is a tap away for brainstorming and quick visual feedback.

Advanced Technology, No PC Needed

With its custom-made chip for accelerated audio and video processing, Neat Board eliminates the need for a dedicated PC. It's efficient and powerful.

Smart Presence Detection

Acoustic ultrasonic sensors detect people's presence, optimizing power usage when the room is empty. Neat Board is not just intelligent; it's eco-friendly too.

Effortless Wireless Sharing

One-click wireless sharing and proximity join work flawlessly every time. Integrated Bluetooth support and a wide-angle ultrasonic tweeter ensure reliable device pairing in Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Capture the Moment Perfectly

The custom-designed wide-angle 4K camera with an ambient light sensor adapts to changing lighting conditions, delivering a clear image of the entire room while zooming in on people when necessary.

Crystal-Clear Audio

Neat Board's end-fire mic array uses advanced differential beam-forming with five microphones, ensuring optimal audio pickup within the camera view. Hardware-based Neat Audio Processing eliminates "double talk" issues, making conversations natural and clear.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The thoughtfully designed speaker box maximizes tonal range and minimizes distortion. Opposing drivers cancel vibration, and a dedicated tweeter ensures high-definition sound. Plus, the fanless design eliminates noisy fan-based cooling.

Healthier Spaces

Monitor your environment with built-in sensors tracking temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOC (*). Safer and smarter, Neat Board ensures your meetings take place in optimal conditions.


In conclusion, Neat Board is the future of collaborative meetings. It combines cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, and environmental awareness to offer a meeting room experience like no other. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional meetings and embrace the future of collaboration with Neat Board. Transform your meetings; transform your business.


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